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Ultra-Luxury Transatlantic


The pleasures of cruising aboard Seabourn’s intimate ships are the focus of your Transatlantic voyage – you’ll have more time to indulge, mingle and unwind.

It has been said the journey is the thing; that time is never really saved, it’s simply spent another way. Bring this wisdom to bear on the option of cruising across the Atlantic on a Seabourn ship. Nothing compels you to take such a voyage, except a need to get away. It fulfills that need well. Time saved returns no interest. Its only value is to be well spent. On a Seabourn cruise ship, you can spend it on yourself, or you can share it. Explore new topics with new friends, or get a good start on your bestselling memoirs. Rise early or sleep late. You can choose for days on end. That may be a fair definition of luxury.

Go beyond with a Seabourn Journey before or after your cruise. Compliment your holiday, Seabourn style, with a multi-day tour to inland attractions. All Seabourn Journeys are fully escorted and include deluxe hotels, transportation, and city tours. To book your Seabourn Journey, please call 866‐755‐5619 or 206‐626‐9179.

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