Food and Wine Cruise

            Seabourn’s Taste of Asia Food and Wine Cruise

            Hong Kong to Singapore • Seabourn Sojourn • 14 Days • January 3, 2016

            Join a team of culinary experts on a connoisseur’s cruise around Asia.

            • Europe versus Asia Cooking Challenge
            • Cooking demonstration and unique menu items by our celebrity chefs
            • Local chefs will feature authentic dining experiences in the Colonnade throughout the cruise
            • Extended Shopping with the Chefs outings ashore
            • Daily tastings of local food with wine pairings on board
            • Special themed meals and craft cocktails featuring local ingredients
            • Festive deck events and gala luncheons with local entertainment
            • Wine Appreciation Lectures and Tastings by our Guest Sommelier
            • Special local folkloric performances will spice up epicurean deck events
            • A Conversation with the Culinary Team to learn more about the culinary traditions of the region
            • Regional tea time rituals

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            Guest Chefs

            We are pleased to introduce our celebrity chefs

            Chef Bernd Siener

            Chef Bernd SienerA native of Mainz, Germany, Chef Siener received his education at the Steigenberger Hotel School and the University of Heidelberg, ultimately earning certificates as both a Master of German Wines and a Master Chef. His career has been spent among a veritable constellation of Michelin stars including Franz Keller’s Schwarzer Adler (2 stars); Heinz Winkler’s Tantris (3 stars) and Tristan (2 stars); and Harald Wohlfahrt’s kitchen at the Kurhotel Traube (3 stars). Chef Siener applied his skills to other star-rated establishments in the United Kingdom, Spain, Colombia and Turkey before creating his own culinary domain at the Restaurant Bel Etage in the 5-star Vila Vita Rosenpark in Marburg, Germany. After ten Michelin-starred years as an award-winning chef and then culinary director at Bel Etage, he is now culinary director at the Vila Vita Gastro in Marburg. Chef Siener has also co-authored a number of cookbooks for the celebrated culinary publisher Teubner. He is married, with two young children.

            Gypsy Gifford

            Chef Ryan CliftGypsy Gifford, born in England and raised in Southern California, is a CIA alumna and valued culinary instructor. She worked for several years in New York City in the restaurants of Daniel Boulud, Terrence Brennan and Rocco DiSpirito. In New York she worked as Executive Chef at Rain Restaurant, transitioning a long time Thai Restaurant into a successful modern Asian restaurant and earning the Emerging Tastemaker Award from Food Arts Magazine. She left New York and headed to California to run Café Pinot, the acclaimed jewel of the Patina Restaurant Group. From there she moved onwards to work as Corporate Chef for Disney Studios where projects focused on sustainability and overhaul of foodservice at employee based cafes. Highlights of the time at Disney include the development and implementation of a 4-acre farm which delivered 10K pounds of produce per year to Disney foodservice locations as well as an equal amount in donations to local food banks. Chef Gifford’s cooking is much in tune with her personality, free spirited, driven by curiosity, and likely to pull from all corners of the globe.

            In her time at The Culinary Institute of America, Chef Gifford has developed and launched a challenging semester abroad for US-based Bachelor’s students. This Asian Concentration takes students on a culinary journey that spans the Silk Road and maritime Spice Routes of the greater Asian continent. Chef Gifford has been traveling to Asia for over 12 years and has resided in Singapore since 2012. Her personal and professional research projects are focused on Southeast Asian foodways and culinary traditions.

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            Itinerary Details

            Day Date Port Events
            0 03 Jan 2016 Hong Kong
            • Asian Epicurean Welcome Party with local lion dance show
            • Colonnade: Chinese Market Dinner featuring local Peking duck
            • Sail away with Live Entertainment and Chinese Desserts
            • Wine Themed Movie: Red Obsession
            1 04 Jan 2016 At Sea (South China Sea)
            • Cooking Demonstration with our Celebrity Chef
            • Dim Sum Bar
            • Mixology Demonstration
            • Local Chef Lunch
            • Culinary Team Trivia
            • Galley Tour
            • Wine Tasting Seminar with our Guest Sommelier
            • Chinese Tea Ritual
            • Captain's Welcome Reception
            • A Taste of Seabourn Chef's Dinner
            2 05 Jan 2016 Halong Bay (Hanoi), Vietnam
            • Shopping with the Chefs
            • Wine Lecture with our Guest Sommelier
            • Vietnamese Deck Event with Local Entertainment
            • Vietnamese Hot Pot Market Dinner
            • Street Food Dinner at the Patio Grill
            • Mixology Demonstration: Creating Fresh, Local Cocktails
            3 06 Jan 2016 At Sea (Gulf of Tonkin)
            • Live Noodle Making Demonstration
            • Noodle Themed Lunch
            • Spring Roll Bar at the Patio Grill
            • Mixology Class: The Use of Herbs in Cocktails
            • Galley Tour
            • Cooking with Chilies Demonstration
            • Wine Tasting Seminar with our Guest Sommelier
            • Vietnamese Tea Time
            • Seabourn's Signature Block Party
            • Celebrity Chef Dinner
            4 07 Jan 2016 Da Nang (Hue) Vietnam
            • Shopping with the Chefs
            • Wine Lecture with our Guest Sommelier
            • Local Market Lunch
            • Officers on Deck Event featuring Asian Flavors
            • Dessert Under the Stars
            • Rock the Boat Dance Party
            • Nightcap Cocktails with our Mixologist
            5 08 Jan 2016 At Sea (South China Sea)
            • Vietnamese Cooking Demonstration
            • Sushi Making Demonstration
            • Pho Bar at the Patio Grill
            • Galley Tour
            • Wine Tasting Seminar
            • Food Bazaar Dinner
            • Liquor Tasting with our Mixologist
            6 09 Jan 2016 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
            • Shopping with the Chefs
            • Local Market Lunch
            7 10 Jan 2016 Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
            • Shopping with the Chefs
            • Vietnamese Market Lunch
            • Epicurean Sail-Away Event
            • Wine Lecture with our Guest Sommelier
            • Mixology Demonstration: Balancing Acidity in Cocktails
            8 11 Jan 2016 At Sea (South China Sea)
            • Cooking Demonstration with our Celebrity Chef
            • Local Ingredient Food Exposition on Deck
            • Wok and Stir Fry Lunch
            • Sate Lunch at the Patio Grill
            • Asia vs. Europe Cooking Challenge
            • Wine Lecture with our Guest Sommelier
            • Galley Tour
            • The Durian Fruit Challenge
            • Cocktail Tasting with our Mixologist
            9 12 Jan 2016 Sihanoukville (Kampong Saom), Cambodia
            • Wellness Day with Healthy Themed Events
            • Cambodian Themed Market Lunch
            • The Fine Art School of Phnom Penh Local show
            • Mixology Class: Creating Cocktails with Local Ingredients
            10 13 Jan 2016 Ko Kood, Thailand
            • Seabourn's Signature Beach Barbecue
            • Caviar in the Surf
            • Coconut Drink Bar
            • Local Beer Tasting
            11 14 Jan 2016 Laem Chabang (Bangkok), Thailand
            • Shopping with the Chefs
            • Local lunch featuring Tom Yum
            • Patio Grill: Curry Bar
            • Local Show followed by Thai Themed Sail-Away
            • Thai Dinner
            • Creating Thai Cocktails with our Mixologist
            12 15 Jan 2016 At Sea (Gulf of Thailand)
            • Thai Curry Demonstartion
            • Fruit and Vegetable Carving Demonstartion
            • Thai Lunch
            • Phad Thai Bar at the Patio Grill
            • Galley Tour
            • Mixology Demonstration
            • Wine Lecture by our Guest Sommelier
            • Captain's Farewell Party and Crew Farewell
            • Celebrity Chef Dinner
            13 16 Jan 2016 At Sea (South China Sea)
            • Cooking Demonstration
            • Seabourn's Signature Galley Market Lunch
            • Culinary Team Trivia — Final Round
            • A Conversation with the Culinary Team
            • Mixology Demonstration
            • The Best of Seabourn Dinner
            • Culinary Movie: Eat, Pray, Love

            **All events are subject to change. Please consult your on board Seabourn Herald for the most up-to-date activity information.

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