Select Seabourn Partners

                Seabourn is proud to present the products and services of a select group of companies whose dedication to superior quality, exceptional service and consistent customer satisfaction matches our own. Each of these companies adds a distinctive touch to your voyage on board, helping to ensure that Seabourn remains the world’s finest small-ship cruising experience.


                Black River Caviar

                Black River Caviar logo


                We know that you expect and appreciate fine food and quality ingredients. We know that you also share our dedication to responsible stewardship of natural resources. For that reason, we are especially proud to be able to offer you Black River ossetra sturgeon caviar, which is sustainably produced by a unique wild-farming method that enables our enjoyment without compromising the species’ future. To learn more about Black River Caviar, visit




                Hublot logo

                Exquisite Swiss craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail have made Hublot the Official Timekeeper of Seabourn. Guests enjoying voyages on any of our six ships will now be kept abreast of the current ship's time by means of handsome Hublot wall clocks, designed and finished with the same flair and elegance that have made Hublot's wristwatches multi-faceted icons of a constantly evolving Swiss watchmaking tradition. The clocks are a perfect complement to the stunning beauty of the ships themselves, adding a luxurious accent and an eye-catching cachet to various locations throughout each vessel.

                To learn more about Hublot, visit


                Molton Brown

                Molton Brown logo

                A dab of velvety body lotion just before you dress for dinner. Your hair aromatically scented as you disembark at your next destination.

                Say ‘hello’ to a collection of expertly blended and targeted products brought especially to you from the bath and body connoisseurs at Molton Brown. Made in England since 1973, Molton Brown’s much-coveted products make you feel tip-top whether you want to hydrate, unwind or give your skin a boost. Containing rich, exotic and active ingredients sourced from around the world, each product provides you with a bath and body routine tailored to your lifestyle onboard. With indulgent scents such as Madagascan spicy black peppercorn oil, Bulgarian lavender and grape leaf from The Ardèche, you’ll smell simply delicious too.

                Seabourn is delighted to offer Molton Brown’s Body Remedies collection on board. To find out more about Molton Brown, visit



                PressReader Digital Newspaper


                For guests that sail aboard Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn Sojourn or Seabourn Quest, we are delighted to offer the option of having your favorite newspaper delivered right to your mobile smartphone or tablet daily, without needing to access the Internet. The ships' local mobile network will automatically supply a selection of the most popular newspapers, and you can request others from a list of over 2,500 available while on board.

                Via a free mobile application available from, newspapers are supplied in their entirety, including all printed sections and even advertising. Seabourn ships will download the requested content daily, and store it on the ships' local network, so guests can access their choice without going on line. If the app is downloaded in advance, guests will automatically be able to access the news of their choice.

                To download the app onto a mobile device before a cruise, simply visit


                Swarovski Optik

                Swarovski Optik logo

                Seabourn has embarked on a new partnership with Swarovski Optik, making the high-quality optical instruments the official optical equipment for Seabourn's Antarctica and Patagonia cruises.

                Under the partnership, Swarovski Optik will outfit Seabourn Quest's expedition team and bridge staff with their high-precision, long-range binoculars for spotting diverse wildlife and viewing the remarkable landscapes from on board the ship and during landings ashore. In addition, a selection of Swarovski binoculars will be available for sale, providing guests the option to purchase and use the optics during their Antarctic cruise.

                To learn more about Swarovski Optik, visit



                Our partnership with UNESCO

                Seabourn is pleased to be partnering with UNESCO to promote sustainable tourism at World Heritage properties. Through our support to UNESCO we help engender a wider understanding and commitment for the UNESCO World Heritage Convention’s mission to identify, safeguard, and promote unique cultural and natural heritage around the world deemed to possess outstanding universal value for all humankind. For our guests, this partnership with UNESCO means their travels with Seabourn will be enhanced by deeper insight and information about these intriguing destinations while supporting their conservation through sustainable tourism. Learn more.