Paul Deegan

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Paul Deegan

At the age of 18, Paul Deegan co-led a 47 strong team to clean up 35 years of trash that had accumulated at the foot of Mount Everest. Turning his back on a promising career in refuse collection, Paul went on to climb and trek in mountainous regions on five continents, including an expedition to a massif described by the BBC as ‘one of the world’s last unexplored ranges’. More people have stood on the moon than on the peaks that Paul’s team scaled.

When Paul returned to Everest in 1996, as a member of a climbing expedition, he became embroiled in the most infamous tragedy in the history of the mountain. Paul walked away from Everest for eight years before returning to make a final attempt to reach the top of the world.

Paul’s other adventures include a trek along an iced-over Himalayan river in a gorge deeper than the Grand Canyon, an expedition to the rarely-visited Nicobar Islands, and a stint at a scientific research station on the frozen Arctic Ocean.

Paul has appeared on television and radio stations on both sides of the Atlantic. Magazines and newspapers have published more than 250 of his adventure and environmental stories. His first book received an award at the U.S. National Outdoor Book Awards.

Recently, Paul and his wife travelled to four continents as modern day nomads. Their adventures included a 600 mile traverse of the Pyrenees on foot from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.