Robin Binckes

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Robin Binkes

Born and educated in the Eastern Cape in South Africa, Robin Binkes is a tour guide and author specializing in South African history. He's written several books on the region, including "Canvas Under the Sky," "Great Trek Uncut," and most recently, "It's Our Land You Want," among others.

Robin worked for a major retailer before starting his own public relations and promotions consultancy which for twenty-five years specialized in sport promotion both in South Africa and internationally.

Robin consulted major South African companies, as well as the governing bodies of South African cricket, tennis and motor sport events, including staging three Formula One Grand Prix, four world championship motorcycle events and three world championship international sports car races.

After selling his consultancy, Robin was appointed managing director of Entercor, a listed sport, leisure and travel company and chairman of Budget Rent A Car, South Africa.

After leaving the corporate world he had businesses in the fishing industry from catching, wholesaling and retailing. In the period 1990-1994, during which time South Africa went through a period of intense political challenges, he volunteered as a peace monitor and assisted in preventing further violence.

Robin specializes in South Africa history as a tour guide and public speaker at universities and business colleges. Robin is chairman of his own NGO, Friends of Alexandra, which he started in 2006 and focuses on assisting under-privileged children. His projects include a nursery, soccer training and entrepreneurial support through financing creating job opportunities.