A Day in The Life Aboard

Expedition Voyage to Antarctica





Taking that first breath of crisp, clean air as I step out onto my veranda, cup of coffee in hand, delivered by our Suite Host I requested ahead of time, is the best way to start a day. I still can't believe the stunning scenes that glide past as we gently sail through this incredible landscape. Antarctica is simply amazing.
Breakfast is all set up on our in-room table, by our wonderful Suite Host. Tablecloth, arranging the dishes, the whole nine yards. It all feels so intimate and thoughtful, as we settle down for a delicious meal before going about our morning routine. Couldn't have asked for a nicer start to the day!
Veranda Suite
Seabourn Expeditions



Morning update

Expedition Briefing

Into the Great Unknown

As we polish off the last morsels of our delicious breakfast, we hear the trusted voice of our expedition leader throughout the ship as they regale us with our exploration plans and options for this morning's adventure. Looks like today, we are going to head out on these amazing little vessels called Zodiacs for some wildlife viewing, and later kayaks to possibly see some whales! That would be awesome; I've never seen a whale in the wild before.
I thoroughly enjoy how the expedition team keeps us informed with updates throughout the day of new and exciting opportunities that dynamically crop up all the time. They are such a fun and informative way to plan a day and to get excited for all the amazing sights and activities that lay before us. This spur of the moment strategy is a wonderful approach, and one that is reflected with every decision made by the Expedition Leader and the Captain. That enticing sense of adventure fills you up as you launch into the great unknown.



Morning Activity

Suit up and load Zodiacs

Dressed in our complimentary parkas, we swiftly boarded the Zodiacs, which allowed a small group of us to zip around and witness this dramatic shoreline up close. We carved through the water, taking in these snow-covered coasts and occasionally glimpsing some incredible creatures.
We saw several lounging, yet beautiful Weddell seals on the shore as well as what our guide informed us were giant petrels soaring overhead. My favorite were the penguins, though. I was delighted to witness these amazing critters, as they dotted a hillside while still more bustled from shore to waves for food, all chattering and squawking at each other. It was incredible to see such diverse wildlife first-hand.
Expedition Zodiacs
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Lunch on the Seabourn Pursuit

Enjoy luxurious cuisine

After such a thrilling morning, it is a balm on the soul to indulge in some delicious comfort food in the warmth of The Colonnade. Every meal here is a new experience, with a new selection each day to try out. We always ask for a table by the window so we can gaze out over the waters we are sailing through, trying to catch another glimpse of the immense icebergs we pass as we cruise along.
I can feel the warmth of a satisfying meal suffuse throughout my body, energizing me for the next leg of my adventure. I'm in no rush though, this view is worth taking my time to enjoy and absorb. This glass of wine doesn't hurt either.
Luxurious dining



A conversation with the experts

A conversation with the experts

Attending the Seabourn Conversations with special guests, experts in fields like biology or ecology, has been a welcome addition to this incredible sailing. I find the insightful education elevates my appreciation and understanding of the natural world we are exploring, which makes everything more magical.
The atmosphere during these Conversations is attentive and mirthful, all thanks to these amazing guest speakers. It is clear that they love what they do, and that love is infectious throughout the audience, leaving us excited for exploration and ready to see the world through enlightened eyes.

"We did the inaugural cruise and saw penguins (a lot), sea lions, leopard seals, humpback whales, orcas - such a variety. Loved the cruise and beautiful Antarctica!" Instagram - Lynne


Instagram - Anya:
"We really had the time of our life on the great Seabourn Venture with a perfect expedition team and service team. Thank you so much Seabourn family for these real Seabourn moments in Antarctica."



Whale watching

Whales and photographing

Nothing quite prepares you for that rush of cool air as you step out onto the deck to prepare to kayak. The sound of the water against the ship, the pleasant hum of excited conversation, and that upswelling of joy as you take a Zodiac out to the kayaking location, meet the guides, settle into your kayak and start off into the waters of Antarctica. It feels like a dream, I can't believe I'm here.
We set off in a group, aiming to paddle closer inland and then along the shoreline. Our wonderful guide mentioned a sighting off the port side earlier this morning, so we aim in that direction. After a short while, we see a breach in the mirrored surfaces of the sea and a fantastic Minke whale crests the waters. It seemed like it was playing with us, as it splashed around. We slowed down and floated there, watching this spectacular creature swim around us. I'll never forget that.
Whale watching



Return to Seabourn Pursuit

Expedition Sauna

Relax and enjoy time with your new BFFs

When we learned about the sauna on board with such a stunning view, I knew the perfect time to use it would be after my frosty encounter with the Polar Plunge. The staff was so welcoming and friendly, laughing with us as we describe to them the plunge itself. They lead us into the spa, showed us where we could change, and we went straight on into the beautiful sauna.
Feeling that warmth embrace a recently frozen body was a revelation and I could feel every muscle relax and unwind. Heaven on earth made all the better, as we saw a splash outside our window and saw the fin of a humpback whale swim past! We were in awe of such a sighting. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.



Evening recap and briefing

Recap of our day

The evening Recap and Briefing with our comprehensive team of experts provides an opportunity to learn more about the incredible wildlife we witnessed that day, as well as give us a glimpse into what tomorrow can look like, so we can plan accordingly. It provides wonderful structure and really enhances the “expedition” aspect of the voyage.
It really feels like we are out on the frontier of knowledge, seeing and doing things no one else has, and so it's important to reflect on what we have accomplished. I have so many pictures and notes I've written down to help capture every moment, and these daily recaps help me build upon my own thoughts and feelings with educational facts and a deeper understanding.
Expedition Evening Briefing



Dinner with new friends and crew

Luxurious Dining

Activity onboard

Dinner time was upon us, and we met up with some of our new friends we went out on our adventures with. We talked all about the incredible day we had while we dined on some truly delicious meals, all accompanied by an enormous selection of drinks and cocktails. The atmosphere was abuzz with everyone talking about this incredible location, or the wildlife they saw.
The laidback and happy vibes from The Colonnade, combined with excellent company, are simply divine and a splendid way to wind down after such an awesome day.



Nightcap under the stars

Dinner together with everyone

We experienced eternal twilight while gazing at the otherworldly land and seascape glowing under the midnight sun. It was marvelous to witness monolithic tabular icebergs as they slide past the hull. The pristine glaciers glittering against the mountains, cascading down toward the sea. Every now and then, a spout in the distance reveals pods of humpback whales, working together to feed in each strait and bay we silently glide past.
To understand the true wonder of this place, it must be seen to be believe, and I am honored to be here, absorbing all this splendor. It was a perfect day, and I cannot wait to have another one tomorrow.