2022 Grand Pacific Voyage: A World of Islands

The Pacific Ocean is earth’s largest feature, larger than all the dry surface of the planet combined. It occupies a third of the globe, and at its widest point stretches halfway around the world. It plunges to a depth of nearly 36,000 feet, obscuring the planet’s deepest scars. And its glossy, ever-moving surface is embellished with most of the world’s islands – 25,000 of them.

We invite you to join us as we embark the intimate, ultra-luxury Seabourn Odyssey resort at sea in your choice of Seattle or Vancouver to follow a path of islands across the immense blue arc of the Pacific – sailing from one intriguing, enticing landfall to another – discovering, learning, and sharing the excitement in a relaxed but stimulating atmosphere of gracious elegance and ease. 



September 30, 2022

Grand Pacific Voyage voyage map

Amenities for Guests who book the Full Grand Pacific Voyage from Vancouver, Seattle or Victoria:

  • Round-trip air
  • $2,000USD Shipboard Credit per suite ($1,000USD Shipboard Credit per guest)
  • Unlimited Internet Package
  • Private car transfers door-to-door between home and airport
  • Personal Valet® luggage shipping service between home and ship in Vancouver and Sydney
  • Unlimited laundry, dry cleaning and pressing on board
  • Overnight hotel stay prior to departure
  • Gala Bon Voyage dinner
  • Special Grand Voyage pillow gifts


For Guests Booked In Penthouse And Premium Suites:

  • $3,000USD Shipboard Credit per Suite ($1,500USD Shipboard Credit per guest)

See Terms & Conditions for details

Ventures By Seabourn

Ventures by Seabourn is a new way to experience destinations. Far removed from your everyday, the fascinating world of your dreams await beyond the curve of the horizon. Discover this amazing area on Zodiac and kayak excursions.

Featured Overnights

Honolulu, Hawaii, US

Home to the state capitol and the majority of Hawaii's population, the island of Oahu is a vibrant mix of natural, cultural and historic wonders. In Honolulu, an array of cultures blends harmoniously, allowing each to retain its distinct flavor. The downtown sector combines Hawaii's royal history with the modern-day action of a major metropolitan center. Waikiki Beach, with its impressive hotels and glittering atmosphere, is a famous tourist hub and resort destination. Honolulu is also the location of Diamond Head, Oahu's famous volcanic landmark, and Pearl Harbor, the largest natural harbor in Hawaii and the only naval base in the United States to be designated a National Historical Landmark.

Conflict Islands (Panawal Group), Papua New Guinea

This idyllic archipelago of 21 coral atolls off the coast of New Guinea was named after the British ship HMS Conflict by its discoverer. You could hardly ask for a more conflict-free paradise. The island group is privately owned by a passionate conservationist, who insists on sustainable methods for any activity within his tropical domain. Activities are tailored for enjoying the exceptionally beautiful beaches, the supremely biodiverse coral reefs and the clear, warm waters. Kayaking, snorkeling and paddle-boarding are the more strenuous varieties. Simply relaxing on the sugary fringes of the lagoon is also enjoyable.

Papeete, French Polynesia

The islands of French Polynesia are acclaimed as the most beautiful in the South Pacific. Tahiti is the largest of the Polynesian islands and home to the capital city of Papeete, a delightful blend of cultures. Papeete, meaning the "water basket," was once a gathering place where Tahitians came to fill their calabashes with fresh water. Today, it is the gateway to the country, and boasts romantic resorts, fine dining, vibrant markets, pearl shops, and boutiques. Tahiti's mountainous interior is adorned with deep valleys and scenic waterfalls, while the rugged coastal lands are home to fields of tropical flowers, and glorious white and black sand beaches.