Our Gift to You: Double Shipboard Credit

Enjoy some of our favorite voyages, hand-selected just for you, and use your shipboard credit
to enhance your experience with all the special extras.
Enjoy a Double Shipboard Credit up to $2,000USD per Suite Shipboard Credit when you book a Penthouse or Premium Suite or a 
Double Shipboard Credit up to $1,000USD per Suite Shipboard Credit when you book an Oceanview or Veranda Suite.*

Enjoy a Double Shipboard Credit when you book one of our hand-selected voyages below.

Sail Date Maximum
14-Day Golden Horn To The Grand Canal
Jul 3, 2022 $1,600
7-Day Greek Isles & Turquoise Coast
Jul 3, 2022
14-Day Treasures Of The Adriatic
Jul 10, 2022
14-Day Adriatic & Aegean Isles Jul 17, 2022 $1,600
7-Day Adriatic & Greek Treasures Jul 17, 2022 $1,200
14-Day Eastern Mediterranean Gems Jul 24, 2022 $1,600
7-Day Classic Greek Isles & Ephesus Jul 24, 2022 $1,200
14-Day Turquoise Coast & Aegean Isles Jul 31, 2022 $1,600
14-Day Turkey & Greek Isles Aug 7, 2022 $1,600
7-Day Ephesus & Greek Island Gems Aug 7, 2022 $1,200

Seabourn Selects

Seabourn Selects Rome

Sail Date Maximum Credit
14-Day Aegean Empires II Aug 14, 2022 $1,600
7-Day Aegean & Turkish Treasure Aug 14, 2022 $1,200
14-Day Classic Aegean & Holy Land Sep 4, 2022  $1,600
7-Day Greek Isles & Turkish Treasure Sep 4, 2022 $1,200
14-Day Holy Land & Turkish Gems Sep 11, 2022 $1,200
7-Day Eastern Mediterranean Marvels Sep 11, 2022 $1,200
7-Day Riviera Treasures & Rome Oct 15, 2022 $1,200
14-Day Mediterranean Treasures Oct 22, 2022 $1,600
14-Day Mediterranean Jewels Oct 29, 2022 $1,600
14-Day Moroccan Gems & Canary Islands Nov 12, 2022 $1,600

View additional upcoming voyages with Double Shipboard Credit up to $2,000USD.

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Western Mediterranean

Explore the western Mediterranean on a Seabourn voyage and discover unique travel experiences. Voyage highlights include popular destinations along with boutique ports in quaint towns.

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Central Mediterranean

Sail amongst the beautiful waters and charming ports of the Adriatic. Each voyage offers a unique blend of exciting adventures and exclusive amenities.

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Eastern Mediterranean

Seabourn turns the eastern Med into your private playground, visiting an imaginative mix of vibrant cities and yacht harbors aboard your intimate, club like-ship.

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Relax and rejuvenate as Seabourn brings out the best of the Caribbean. Enjoy cosmopolitan ports, tropical hideaways and our own private luxury beach experience.

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Northern Europe

Follow the sun northward to lands of castles and majestic fjords, gilded palaces and picturesque coastal villages.

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Seabourn combines ultra-luxury with expedition-style flair to bring you an in-depth experience of Alaska’s nature, history and wildlife.

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Canada & New England

Travel the Eastern Seaboard of North America to enjoy the natural scenic splendors along with colorful local cultures and fascinating history.

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Experience luxury and adventure as you sail through the northern and southern polar regions and become an active participant in the natural world around you.

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Australia & New Zealand

Deep in the Pacific, an astonishing variety of sights await you: towering peaks, steaming geysers, sprawling vineyards, and vivid coral reefs.

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In Asia, Seabourn takes you to must-see cities and the hidden gems many others miss, ensuring that you travel not only very far, but also very well.

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At sea, your ship is a world-within-a-world, offering delightful diversions around the clock. From morning yoga on deck to Evening Under the Stars after dinner, each day is filled with inviting options

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Seabourn Selects Caribbean


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•   Shore Excursions
•   Upgrade to Stream Wi-Fi package
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