A deeper connection to wildlife. A more expansive view of nature's raw majesty. Aboard our new expedition ships built to PC6 Class standards you'll voyage to the ends of the earth and stunning, hard-to-access points in-between. Then go even further, by submarine, Zodiac®, kayak or on foot. Welcome to living in the moment.

Watch and go deeper.

Push the boundaries. Pull into your comfort zone.

Remote Destinations

Remote Destinations

Two new, purpose-built Expedition ships effortlessly transport you anywhere from the South Pacific and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the remote, icy waters of the Arctic, even under the most extreme weather conditions. The only rough part is choosing among the Arctic, Antarctica, South Georgia, Greenland or Amazon itineraries.

Extreme Comfort

Extreme Comfort

Book your front-row suite to the adventure of a lifetime. All accommodations are ocean-front suites with verandas, heated drying closets for Expedition gear, and a two-person team dedicated to your preferences. And with just 264 guests on board, you'll be extremely comfortable exploring new and memorable friendships.

Elite Expedition Team

Elite Expedition Team

You'll be guided every step of the way by our accomplished 26-member Expedition Team of wildlife experts, scientists, historians and naturalists. Together you'll take on nature's singular adventures with complete confidence and boldness. This is the call of the wild in just your key.

The Earth still has a few secrets. Come coax them out.

Expedition Destinations Map

Mother Nature is ready for her close-up.

Seabourn submarine


Explore undersea realms in a custom-built, state-of-the-art submarine. Operated by trained submersible pilots on our Expedition Team, it adds a new perspective to your experience.

Snorkeling and Scuba

In warm-weather destinations, members of our expedition team lead snorkeling excursions for all levels and scuba diving for a small number of pre-qualified divers. Experience the incredible world just under the surface of the water.


Made for scenic cruising and landing in remote destinations, our Zodiacs® add depth, dimension, and detail to the Seabourn experience, enabling guests to "zoom in" and observe a stunning array of natural wonders up close.


Led by members of our Expedition Team, our  kayaking excursions are for those who want to get up close and personal and truly be one with nature.

Kayaking in Antarctica

Walks and Hikes

Our shore-based explorations are designed to enrich the most stunning highlights of our destinations — and all are accompanied by guides who will give you insights into history, ecology and culture.

Seabourn Venture and Seabourn Pursuit are built for this. You don't have to be.

Seabourn Venture and Seabour Pursuit Expedition ships are purpose-built to explore the most rugged destinations with superior stability and safety. You can also think of them as your floating zone of comfort and luxury with eight different dining options and state-of-the-art facilities such as the Bow Lounge, where a closeup live feed of wildlife up to four nautical miles away can be projected on the big screen for the ultimate wildlife show. 

• 2 new Expedition ships with a PC6 ice-strengthened hull • 2 submarines carrying 6 guests to depths of 1,000 feet • 24 Zodiacs® plus kayaks, snorkeling and scuba gear  • Complimentary custom Helly Hansen PolarShield parka and WaterShield backpack  • Swarovski OPTIK binoculars in each suite


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