Travel Deeper in Unexplored Regions on an Ultra-Luxury Expedition

Take a peek at our extraordinary expeditions to some of the world's most remote, pristine destinations only accessible by expedition ship. Robin West, Vice President and General Manager of Expeditions for Seabourn shares how our guests will experience incredible places and wildlife that few will ever see — in a style they've never imagined.

About Seabourn Expeditions:

Built for diverse environments to PC6 Ice-Strengthened Hull standards, our state-of-the-art ship, the Seabourn Venture is made for the ultra-luxury expedition traveler. Activities including two custom-built 6-person submarines for underwater exploration, 24 Zodiacs for inclusive scenic cruising and landings, and a complement of kayaks – plus an onboard Expedition Team of 26 world-class wildlife experts, scientists, historians, and naturalists – set the stage for unforgettable wildlife encounters and immersive experiences.

Seabourn Venture Inaugural Season

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