Seabourn Wine Collector Packages

Select your favorite wines from the Reserve Wine Menu

Complimentary premium spirits and fine wines are available on board at all times. Indulge even further with Wine Collector Packages, available exclusively on Seabourn ships. This program allows you to select and enjoy your favorite wines within our entire Reserve Wine Menu, featuring several hundred exquisite wines, hand-selected from the world’s exceptional wine-producing regions. You may choose from any country, region and grape variety available.

How it works:

To participate, choose one of the tiers, select your wines and qualify for a bonus bottle of wine. You can apply the value of the bonus bottle toward a higher priced wine if you choose. Once you make your selection, we will keep your wine(s) in our temperature-controlled wine cellar for you to enjoy at any time or place during your cruise.

Wine Collector Package Tiers