Return to Service Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Seabourn's enhanced Health & Safety protocols to Greece and the Caribbean

Greek beach

Sailings From Europe

If you’re planning travel to Greece, please read the latest Greece Travel Requirements from the Greek Government and Greek Ministry of Tourism, including the latest health protocols and guidelines PDF icon.

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Barbados Beach

Sailings From Barbados

If you’re planning travel to Barbados, please read the latest Barbados Travel Requirements, from the Barbados Ministry of Health, including the latest health protocols and guidelines PDF icon. They are subject to change and may impact your plans, so check often.

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2023 Mediterranean, Adriatic & Greek Isles

Sailings From the U.S.A.

Find current health guidelines, testing requirements and vaccine information specific to cruises from the U.S.

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Seabourn Return to Service Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: August 4, 2021
Because global COVID-19 regulations and protocols are continuously changing, we may revise or modify these FAQs (effective immediately) to evolve in line with the latest practices at any time.  Please check back regularly for any updates.

Q1: Who are the medical experts advising Seabourn and Carnival Corporation as you restart operations?
A1: Carnival Corporation has been working with a number of world-leading public health, epidemiological and policy experts to support its ongoing efforts for developing enhanced protocols and procedures for the return of cruise vacations based on the latest knowledge around protection and mitigation.

Q2: What are the current health and safety/vaccination requirements to sail?
A2:  Guests on the following voyages must be fully vaccinated, regardless of age, in order to sail:

  • Greece voyages on Seabourn Ovation with departure dates from July 3 – October 16, 2021
  • Caribbean voyages on Seabourn Odyssey with departure dates from July 18 – October 31, 2021.

Guests should always ensure they understand all requirements to travel for their home country and the destinations they plan to visit. Details continue to be updated regularly and official websites and apps developed by government agencies and tourism ministries are the recommended resources.  

Q3: Can children sail on Summer 2021 Greece and Caribbean itineraries if they are not vaccinated?
A3: All guests on the following voyages must be fully vaccinated, regardless of age, in order to sail:

  • Greece voyages on Seabourn Ovation with departure dates from July 3 – October 16, 2021
  • Caribbean voyages on Seabourn Odyssey with departure dates from July 18 – October 31, 2021.

Q4: Are vaccinations required on other Seabourn sailings outside of Greece and the Caribbean in 2021?
A4: Specific requirements for other itineraries in 2021 and beyond will be finalized once we have approval to operate from the respective destinations. Once we have those details, they will shared with guests. 

Since we are continuously monitoring the requirements of each destination and using the guidance of our medical experts, booked guests and travel advisors should always review any updates shared by Seabourn to stay informed about the latest policies or changes, including vaccination requirements. Our practices will continue to evolve and may change to remain aligned with the latest advice.

Q5: Why have you made this decision to implement vaccination requirements for some of your voyages? 
A5: Given the progress of vaccination programs, some Seabourn sailings will be open to booking for guests who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Additionally, each destination we plan to visit with a vaccine requirement understands that all guests will be fully vaccinated.

Policies continue to change and we will continue to monitor and adapt to the latest advice. If our policies change, an update will be shared with past guests and travel advisors, as well as on the Seabourn website.

Q6: What does fully vaccinated mean?
A6: For these cruises the definition of “fully vaccinated” is a minimum of 14 days following the last dose in the vaccine series of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. Proof of vaccination and the dates given will be required (approved forms of documentation will be confirmed closer to time of departure) and must be shown at the terminal prior to boarding. 

Q7: What if I am exempt from receiving the vaccination?
A7: At this time, guests must be fully vaccinated on those voyages where it is a stated requirement to support the highest degree of health and safety on board. Where required, each destination we plan to visit understands that all guests will be fully vaccinated.

Q8: Will Seabourn team members be vaccinated on the Summer 2021 Greece and Caribbean voyages?
A8: Our intent is for all team members working on board for these voyages to be vaccinated.

Q9: How often will team members be tested for COVID-19?
A9: Team members will undergo routine COVID-19 surveillance testing (screening). Each week a portion of the team members will be tested.

Q10: What are the requirements to complete before arrival?
A10: Guests should check for the latest requirements on the destination official government websites to understand what documents and tests may be required upon arrival.

Q11: Will guests be allowed to arrive before departure and book a pre-cruise hotel?
A11: Guests are allowed to book a pre- and post-cruise hotel prior to departure.

Q12: Will boarding times be assigned to guests?
A12: Guests will be assigned a boarding time to embark, which will be provided closer to the sailing date.  Physical distancing will be managed in the cruise terminal as guests arrive and check in.

In order to meet health & safety protocols, you must arrive at the terminal at your assigned check-in time; early boarding is not allowed. Your assigned check-in time is located on page 3 of your cruise documents and at the top of your electronic boarding pass available in Source. Guests arriving to the terminal prior to their assigned check-in time will be asked to return at their designated time.

Q13: Can guests use Seabourn Private Air?
A13: Yes, Seabourn Private Air is available for booking for travel from starting point to any global destination covered by the service. When it comes to air travel, the service provides the ultimate in convenience and privacy away from the crowds at a level of Seabourn service that cannot be found on commercial flights or fractional jet cards. Seabourn Private Air starts the Seabourn experience the moment you leave home and is a perfect option for groups or families. 

Q14: What medical personnel will be on the ship? 
A14: The ship will have medical capabilities onboard via a Medical Center that includes doctors and nurses trained to care for a full spectrum of medical scenarios, including COVID-19. Each ship will also be outfitted with a variety of medications, supplies and equipment, which includes onboard COVID-19 testing capabilities.  

Q15: What cleaning protocols will be in place once you restart service? 
A15: Anyone who has traveled with Seabourn in the past knows our onboard crew works continuously to maintain a clean, sanitary environment. Once we restart operations, we will do even more to ensure guests feel comfortable traveling with us, to include: 

  • Frequent cleaning and sanitization of hard surfaces in all public areas 
  • Routinely use a safe disinfectant proven to quickly kill novel coronaviruses, as outlined on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) N list for use against COVID-19.  
  • Suites and public areas sanitized more frequently with cleaning and disinfection protocols developed in coordination with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) 
  • Ships and terminals undergo more thorough sanitization between cruises 
  • Expanded disinfection methods using emerging and advanced technologies that are proven effective against coronavirus and other germs 
  • HEPA filters will be used for all cleaning equipment 

Q16:  What changes are being made to the onboard HVAC system? 
A16: We will implement air management and ventilation strategies to maximize the use of outside, fresh air and the air exchange rate on board in public areas and suites. Where feasible, we will utilize enhanced high-efficiency filters and other technologies to mitigate risk. Current evidence shows that fresh air is effective in reducing the concentration of airborne contaminants, including viruses.  

Q17: Why haven’t guidelines been sent for my sailing?
A17: At this time, we can confirm all approvals have been obtained to operate in Greece and the Caribbean. We continue to work on similar permissions for other ships in other destinations. For any guest who requires immediate confirmation of our ability to operate their cruise as scheduled we encourage guests to book or to modify their existing booking to an available Ovation or Odyssey summer sailing.

Q18: When will I be able to book shore excursions? Will there be enough capacity for all guests in each port? 
A18: A full list of Seabourn-arranged shore excursions available for purchase and booking is currently being finalized. Booked guests will receive an email from Seabourn telling them when shore excursions are open for sale and how they will operate.

Q19: How will Shore Excursions operate – will guests be limited to specific Seabourn excursions? 
A19: We continue to work with officials in each destination for specifics on how shore excursions will operate. Some destinations may allow independent shore excursions and others may require us to operate Seabourn-guided shore excursions. Details will be posted as soon as they are available. Guests will also be required to comply with all health protocols in place at the time the shore excursion is operated.   

Q20: Will travel insurance be required? Can I purchase independent coverage?
A20: Given the current global travel and health environment, all booked guests are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance prior to departure to protect against losses. For eligible guests, Seabourn offers SeabournShield Travel insurance that provides a broad range of benefits, including for COVID-19-related expenses, subject to the plan terms. Guests can also purchase third-party travel insurance as well and should check with the provider for specific details on their coverage terms and policies 

Q21: Can guests do an itinerary deviation to arrive or depart from an alternate port?
A21: No, guests must embark and disembark at the published turn ports.