Antarctica & Patagonia

Antarctica Expeditions

During our Antarctica Expeditions, all guests will have the opportunity to partake in our complimentary zodiac expeditions, each day.  You will find yourself walking around penguin colonies enjoying the views of not only these gracious birds, but also many other avian species as well as seals and the plethora of wildlife that makes Antarctica so unique.  At other times you will be enjoying a zodiac tour as we cruise around massive icebergs searching for whales, birds and seals in the midst of a surreal ice-scape. Some other days you may end up doing both, a landing plus a zodiac tour, and there is also the possibility to book an optional kayak tour, which provides a unique vantage point and a sense of oneness with Antarctica’s exuberant nature that words cannot describe.  Optional Kayaking tours in Antarctica may well be the highlight of the best journey of your life!

A New Way To Experience Destinations

Paddle with your expedition guide among huge, wave-sculpted icebergs, past leopard seals basking on ice floes and regiments of penguins parading comically along untouched shingle beaches at the end of the world.

Expedition Team Includes

Marine Biologist, Ornithologist, Geologist, Historian, Glaciologist, Environmental Scientist, Researcher, Photographer/Videographer, Kayak Guide, Naturalist

Seabourn Quest 2021-2022

Available on Seabourn Quest in select ports. 2021: Nov 29 | Dec 20 2022: Jan 13 | Feb 3 & 24

Voyage Tracker

There are so many stories and photos we want to share with you, and we’re very excited to be able to do this through a variety of tracking websites!