Antarctica Experience

The Ultimate Antarctica & Patagonia Experience

Majestic, unspoiled natural splendors await on an ultra-luxury cruise with Seabourn — snow-capped volcanoes reflected in crystalline lakes, massive glaciers and fjords, the rugged grandeur of Patagonia and beyond, the sweeping landscapes and diverse wildlife of Antarctica. 

Antarctica Expeditions

Optional excursions offer unique opportunities to experience the best of our extraordinary worlds. More and more of our Seabourn guests relish the opportunity to engage with destinations in a more interactive, experiential and participatory way.

Expedition Team

Seabourn Cruises' skilled expedition staff will plan and manage our cruise and coordinate special landings in Antarctica, choosing from numerous extraordinary options to give you the very best experience possible during your adventure.

Daily Antarctica Updates

There are so many stories and photos we want to share with you, and we’re very excited to be able to do this through a new tracking website. The site tracks where the ship is each day and features daily reports and updates.

Packing List

Seabourn has teamed with Ship to Shore Traveler to provide you a comprehensive packing list of recommended essential expedition clothing and accessories for Antarctica.

Seabourn Adventure Outfitter

To ensure you are properly outfitted, we have teamed up with Ship to Shore Traveler, to create Seabourn Adventure Outfitter – a one-stop outfitting service for ordering your complimentary All-Weather Jacket.


Seabourn is a member of IAATO, International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators. A member organization founded in 1991 to advocate, promote, and practice safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic.