The 16 Best Luxury Travel Destinations of 2019

Bruce Wallin

Robb Report – June 5, 2019

Seabourn Ovation

Yes, you can order Champagne and caviar any time, and anywhere, on Seabourn Ovation. And no, that’s not even close to the coolest amenity on the new ship (Thomas Keller’s steakhouse is). But a cruise on Ovation isn’t simply a matter of extravagance and indulgence—it’s also an immersive experience that takes you deeper at each destination along the way.

Consider, for instance, an Ovation expedition through the Baltic Sea. While most cruise lines might stop for a night in St. Petersburg, Ovation drops anchor for three full days. What’s more, the ship’s relatively small size—300 cabins for 600 passengers, paltry by today’s standards—allows it to effectively cut in line, skipping past the outer slips and docking directly next to customs for easy ingress and egress (or as easy as it can be in red-tape Russia). Ovation, which debuted last May, offers similarly exclusive access to ports of call from Tallinn to Tangier, on itineraries spanning the Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic, Adriatic, Mediterranean and Irish seas.