Baile Mor, Iona, Scotland, UK

  One of the Inner Hebrides located west of Mull, the island of Iona is quite small – just over three miles long and a mile and half across. Yet it looms large in Scotland’s Christian heritage as the place where St Columba founded his monastery in 563 AD. Iona has been a center of worship ever since, and its beautifully restored 13th-century abbey is one of the country’s most sacred sites. Visitors can explore its chapel and the graveyard where ancient Scottish kings are believed to be buried, while an impressive collection of early medieval carved stones and crosses are on display in the abbey’s museum. The nearby Augustinian nunnery is the most intact complex of its kind in Scotland. A scattering of cottages house the 120 or so inhabitants of its main settlement, ironically named Baile Mor (“big town”).