Hornvika, Norway

Until the middle of the 20th century, the only way to reach the North Cape was to arrive by sea. The tall plateau looming over the Arctic Ocean is scalloped on the east side by a sheltered cove called the Hornvika. To reach it, you will board a stable, rigid inflatable watercraft at the fishing village of Skarsvåg. On the way to the Hornvika, your boat will pass the free-standing rock feature called the Horn (Hornet in Norwegian), a place sacred to the Sami people, who sacrificed offerings there for good fortune. From the cove, a stairway and trail leads up just over a thousand steps to the plateau 307 meters (over a thousand feet) above and thus to the North Cape Monument. Once there enjoy the views and the informational visitors center. And relax, you’ll go back to your ship overland by road! Others can sail to Skarsvåg and drive to the Cape.