Karrat Fjord, Greenland

Karrat is one of the most dramatic fjords in western Greenland, located in the north of Uummannaq Bay and stretching out toward the ice sheet. (It also is one of the most infamous, site of a devastating tsunami in 2017.) As your Seabourn ship cruises this spectacular setting, be on deck to fully admire the striking icebergs floating about and the sheer, towering cliffs topped with colonies of dovekies and other seabirds. (Think of the photo opportunities!) When the sea ice breaks up, seals and narwhals hunt the fjord’s nutrient-rich waters. Seabourn guests explore Karrat Fjord via Zodiac or optional kayak excursion; if conditions allow, you may enjoy the chance to hike the tundra or even delve the depths in a custom-made submersible.