Historic Dunfermline: Kings & Carnegie

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    Newhaven (Edinburgh), United Kingdom

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    Approximately 4½ Hours

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From the mid-11th century, Dunfermline was the capital of Scotland for about 300 years. The town is incredibly rich in history -- royal, ecclesiastical, industrial and philanthropic. A motorcoach journey to Dunfermline takes you across the Forth Road Bridge to the Kingdom of Fife.

Visit Dunfermline Abbey, founded in the 12th century by King David I. The abbey was destroyed by Edward I of England during the Wars of Independence and its subsequent rebuilding was funded and supported by King Robert the Bruce, who was later buried here in 1329 (his heart was taken on a crusade to the Holy Lands and later buried separately in Melrose Abbey). Several other Scottish monarchs are also buried at Dunfermline Abbey. Listen as your guide recounts the abbey's turbulent history up until its ruin following the Reformation in 1560.

Nearby is Abbot House with its distinctive pink walls. It was originally the official residence of the abbot and is now an informative heritage center with a café and gift shop. Visit these at your leisure.

Your guide will accompany you on the short walk to the Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum, where you see the humble cottage where this son of a weaver spent his early years. After the family moved to the United States, Carnegie went on to found a steel empire that would make him the world's richest man. When Carnegie sold the company, he turned to philanthropy and he never forgot his links with his birthplace. Local legend has it that when Carnegie was a boy, the owner of the expansive Pittencrieff Park opened it up to the townsfolk every New Year's Day. Later in his life, Carnegie bought the park and gifted it to the town. Carnegie also funded more than 3,000 public libraries, the first of which was opened in Dunfermline in 1881. The library and park are still enjoyed by locals and visitors.

After exploring the treasures of this historic town, rejoin your coach for the return drive to the pier.