An Evening At Ephesus

We invite you to join us in Ephesus, where you’ll explore streets trod by some of history’s most notable characters, including the famous lovers, Cleopatra and Mark Antony. When you travel with Seabourn, your adventure doesn’t end when the ancient site closes to the public in the evening. You’ll be treated to the ultimate private cocktail party, compliments of Seabourn, in this amazing archaeological wonder.  

Stroll down Harbour Street toward the amphitheater just as pastel hues paint the dusk sky. You might even bear witness to the moon rising to illuminate the ruins. Empty of all but your Seabourn travel mates, the ruins are a magical backdrop for listening to classical music played by a live orchestra while you enjoy wine, cocktails, canapés and stimulating conversation.

Kuşadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

Kuşadasi, which means "bird island," is set in a superb gulf known for its sparkling water, broad sandy beaches and large marina. The city has managed to retain a certain earthiness while doing a brisk trade in Turkish carpets and leather goods to visitors. The town's old quarter is a picturesque maze of winding streets and houses adorned with flowers and birdcages. In the center stands a 17th-century caravanserai, now converted into a hotel. The resort is also a gateway to important sites of archaeological and religious interest.