Wellness Seminars

During every Voyage to Wellness, Dr. Andrew Weil and his hand-picked team will present dozens of expert seminars.

Wellness Sailing

Wellness in Australia & New Zealand | February 21, 2020 | Auckland to Sydney

Wellness Panels/Seminars:

Seminar: Vitamins and Supplements
Panel:  Worried you are Overmedicated?  Questions to ask you doctor.
Panel:  Getting the most out of Integrative Therapies

Dr. Andrew Weil Integrative Medical Wellness: The Future of Healthcare
  Fish, Wellness and the Environment
  Healthy Aging
  Healthy Cooking Class
Victoria Maizes Vitality
  Nourishing your Health by Living Green
  Vibrantly Healthy Women
Julia Rucklidge Behind the scenes: The trials and tribulations of researching the simple idea that nutrition is important to the brain
  The single bullet fallacy: Why we should consider a broad spectrum of nutrients when treating mental health problems.
  Ocean of drugs: Do medications work to treat psychiatric disease?
Kenneth Pelletier Epigenetics: Change Your Genes – Change Your Life
  Sound Mind – Sound Body
  Longevity – Fulfilling Our Biological Potential
Anne Marie Chiasson Harvesting the Natural Wisdom of the Body for Self Healing
  Heart Center Meditation
  Energy Healing: Old Wives' Tales or Old Wives' Wisdom