About Shore Excursions

Shore Excursion Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I purchase shore excursions on this website?

A: Yes, most Seabourn shore excursions can be purchased in advance online once you have booked your cruise and know your itinerary. To purchase a shore excursion online, click the Find Shore Excursions link above.

Q: Do I have to buy the shore excursions online?

A: No. Purchasing a shore excursion online provides immediate confirmation. You can also contact us by phone to purchase tours from our Destination Specialists by calling 800-984-3225 or +1 206-626-9187. You can also purchase excursions after boarding your ship. Space is limited, so book early for the best selection.

Q: Can I purchase tours for both myself and my companion?

A: Yes, you can purchase tours online for all guests on the booking.

Q: How do I know which tours are right for me?

A: Excursion descriptions are marked with various symbols to indicate the amount and difficulty of walking, as well as occasional special interest content. In addition, specific information about restrictions or suggested cautions is included in the tour descriptions. Once you are on board, the Tour Manager can help you assess the suitability of a specific tour in a personal consultation.

Q: What if I need to cancel my excursion?

A: We understand plans change. However, last minute cancellations can result in costs to us or to our third party service providers. Cancellations of shore excursions, spa services or gift orders made more than three days prior to embarkation will be fully refunded; cancellations made onboard or within the three day window prior to embarkation may be subject a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees for certain shore excursions may be up to one hundred percent (100%) of the shore excursion price, depending on the shore excursion. For onboard cancellations of shore excursions, therefore, please speak with the Shore Excursion department onboard for the actual cancellation fee amount. Cancellations of spa services within twenty-four hours of the appointment are subject to a fifty percent (50%) cancellation fee. All cancellations made onboard will be refunded in the form of onboard credit, regardless of whether the purchase was made by a guest or a third party.

Q: What if I want to do two tours in the same day?

A: In many ports, it is possible to do two tours in the same day. However we recommend that you confirm with a destination specialist at 800-984-3225 or +1 206-626-9187 at the time you are booking your excursion. If there is a time conflict, you will be able to select the tour you prefer.

Q: What if I want to do something that’s not offered on a tour?

A: In most ports Seabourn's staff, both ashore and on board, are capable of arranging a wide range of individualized activities. You can make your custom request by calling us at 800-984-3225 or +1 206-626-9187 and speaking with one of our Destination Specialists to arrange your experience before you sail. Our hours of operation are 6am-5pm Monday-Friday and Saturday and Sunday 8am-3:30pm (Pacific Standard Time).

Q: What if a tour is cancelled?

A: If Seabourn cancels a tour due to safety, security of other conditions beyond our control a full refund will credited to your onboard account.

Q: Is it customary to extend gratuities to local tour guides?

A: Yes. Seabourn tour prices do not include gratuities for guides, drivers and other tour operator staff.


Approximately 5 Hours
Moderate Walking 

You'll leave the harbor and head towards Waai village, stopping en route at the island's World War II cemetery.

At Waai village, you'll learn how the local people process sago -- the staple of the Ambonese diet. This starch is extracted from a palm tree and processed in to many different kinds of food. It can be used as a flour, made into pancakes, or rolled into balls and cooked with coconut milk and eaten as a dessert.

Your visit to Hunimua Beach, located at northern end of Ambon Island is also your chance to watch the fascinating 'crazy bamboo dance'. Its name, of course, derives from the fact that the bamboo used is possessed by spirits and can move by itself, against the will of the men carrying it. As the dance progresses, the bamboo gets heavier, challenging the dancer's physical ability. Fortunately, the only physical effort required of audience is to get yourself down the beach afterwards for a nice swim.

Your next stop is at Waiselaka, where visitors are welcomed by a local brass band whose talents are normally reserved for VIPs and dignitaries. Your special welcome is followed by a stroll to a pond with crystal-clear water. It is home to sacred eels. The local people will attempt to lure the eels out of their hiding places with boiled eggs. Watch carefully, as it is said that seeing an eel means you're in for some very good luck.

Finally, don't miss the Christina Martha Tiahahu Statue. Standing high above Kota Ambon and looking out over some of the best views on the entire island, the statue stands 26 feet tall and honors a female Malukan freedom fighter who rebelled against the Dutch colonists.

Please note: Wear comfortable walking shoes. Wear your swimsuit under your clothing; bring a towel, sunscreen and a hat.