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Nakagusuku (Naha), Japan


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Nakagusuku (Naha), Japan


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Shore Excursions

Churaumi Aquarium

This marine-themed adventure is for those who love nature and will enjoy the thrill of a dolphin encounter.

Board a comfortable motor coach for a scenic ocean-view ride to the Churaumi Aquarium. This exceptional facility is located in Ocean Expo Park, where the 1975 World's Fair was held.

Widely considered the ...

Approximately 7¼ Hours
Moderate Walking 

Cultural & Historical Nakagusuku

The Nakamura House is a 'major cultural asset' so designated by the Government of Japan. Step inside to visit eight rooms within the main house, each offering a marvellous glimpse into the lifestyle between Kamakura and Muromachi periods. The history of the Nakamura family dates back to the early 15th century, when their early ancestor first moved to N...

Approximately 4½ Hours
Considerable Walking 

Ryukyu Bingata Class & Shurijo Castle

A pleasant half-hour drive brings you to Ryukyu-no-Yakata, where you'll see the process and try your hand at making the specialized Bingata dyed fabrics traditionally made in the region. The origins of the multi-coloured Ryukyu Bingata dyeing process can be found in the mid-15th century. Combining stencil dying techniques from China and hand-dyeing ski...

Approximately 5½ Hours
Moderate Walking 

Seifa Utaki & Gangala Valley Hike

The meditative beauty of Okinawa's lush scenery, tropical sea breezes, wondrous rock formations, and ocean views over sandy beaches and palm trees will win you over from the moment your motorcoach leaves the port. Okinawa is sometimes called the 'Hawaii of Japan' and on this full-day tour with lunch you'll see why.

Perhaps the most sacred...

Approximately 6¾ Hours
Moderate Walking 

Syurijyo Castle & Kokusai Street

The city of Naha is a showcase for the past and present cultural wonders of Okinawa. En route to Shurijo Castle, you will pass Naminoue Beach, Ryutan Pond, and the Prefectural Government Office, designed by renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa.

Built in the late 1300s as the palace of the Ryukyu kings, Shurijo Castle was destro...

Approximately 5¾ Hours
Moderate Walking 

Yambaru Nature Walk

Cultural and scenic delights await you on this full day of sightseeing in central and southern Okinawa.

Begin with a photo stop at the most celebrated scenic view in Okinawa -- the cliffs of Cape Manzamou,

facing the East China Sea. Designated a Prefectural Natural Monument, this grassy ...

Approximately 7¾ Hours
Considerable Walking