Ports of Call

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Sasebo, Japan


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Sasebo, Japan


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Shore Excursions

Arita & the Ceramics Kiln

Escape from the bustle of the city on a two-hour drive to the mountain village of Arita, where you will learn about one of Japan's most treasured art forms that dates back almost 12,000 years.

Earthenware, pottery and stoneware were initially created rather crudely for everyday practical use but, in the late 16th century, skilled pott...

5 Hours
Moderate Walking 

Karatsu Ceramics & Niji no Matsubara

A one-hour drive brings you to Karatsu -- a mountain town famed for its ceramics since the 16th century. It is the point of origin for one of three styles of pottery most prized for use in the traditional tea ceremony.

You will visit the famous local kiln and view prized examples of Karatsu ceramic ware. Notable Japanese potter...

8¼ Hours
Moderate Walking 

The Hidden Christians

Francis Xavier, a Jesuit priest, introduced Catholicism to Hirado in 1550. The new faith flourished but was outlawed in 1614. Persecution followed, with more than 40,000 Christians were martyred in Japan between the 17th and 18th centuries. Worshiping in secret became a matter of survival, and today this sad history of Hirado is honored in its many church...

4½ Hours
Moderate Walking