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Sandefjord, Norway


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Sandefjord, Norway


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Shore Excursions

A Walk through Sandefjord

Sandefjord is a modern town with a great variety of interesting history, beautiful nature and a quiet atmosphere.

Enjoy a brief introduction to Sandefjord and the three periods that clearly delineate its history. The Viking, spa and whaling eras are expounded by your guide as you walk through the city. (S)he points out evidence of each, as well as some modern history, architectu...

Approximately 2½ Hours
Moderate Walking 

Sandefjord 's Whaling Dilemma

A controversial subject and a struggle for livelihood -- these are the thought-provoking, diametrically opposed positions explored at the Sandefjord Whaling Museum. This is, in fact, Europe's only museum dedicated to whaling and its history. Topics uncovered and presented for debate here are the whales themselves, whaling as an industry and employer, and the ocean's limited resources, wi...

Approximately 3½ Hours
Moderate Walking 

Sandefjord, Stavern & Coastal Panoramic

Take in the main attractions of Sandefjord and visit Stavern -- Norway's smallest town.

Your guide explains the three main eras in Sandefjord's history -- the Viking Era, the Spa Era and the Whaling Era -- all leading to today's modern history. You will see the restored veteran whaler Southern Actor at Sandefjord Harbor. The nearby Whaling Monument is Sandefjord's most famous sc...

Approximately 4½ Hours
Moderate Walking 

Viking Life on Oslofjord

Viking village life a thousand years ago in the area surrounding Oslofjord is accurately chronicled by the artifacts and monuments the inhabitants left behind.

A number of the world's most important archaeological finds from the Viking Age were discovered in the Vestfold region, including monumental royal burial mounds in Borre, the Oseberg Ship burial mound, Slottsfjellet (Castle Hill) in T&...

Approximately 5½ Hours
Moderate Walking