Seabourn Wellness Cruises — Alaska

The first dedicated Wellness Cruise with Dr. Andrew Weil will explore Alaska on the 12-Day Wellness in the Wilderness with Dr. Weil on board Seabourn Sojourn, June 16-28, 2018. As the vessel makes its way north from Vancouver, British Columbia, exploring wonders such as Sumner Strait, Seduction Point, Tracy Arm, and Misty Fjords en route to Seward, Alaska, the Wellness Cruise program will unfold with more than 20 complimentary lectures and demonstrations to guide guests in living a life that is healthy, satisfying and well.


Dr. Andrew Weil

Andrew Weil, M.D.

Andrew Weil, M.D., is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. Combining a Harvard education and a lifetime of practicing natural and preventive medicine, Dr. Weil is the founder and director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM) in Tucson, where he also serves as a Clinical Professor of Medicine and Professor of Public Health as well as the Lovell-Jones Professor of Integrative Rheumatology. He is a best-selling author of 14 books on healthy living, including the recent Fast Food, Good Food; True Food; Spontaneous Happiness; Healthy Aging; and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health. Dr. Weil also serves as the editorial director of, the leading online resource for healthy living based on the philosophy of integrative medicine, and pens the popular Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing monthly newsletter.

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Stephen Devries M.D.

Stephen Devries M.D.

Stephen Devries, M.D is a preventive cardiologist and Executive Director of the Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology, a nonprofit with the mission of advancing the role of nutrition and lifestyle in healthcare. He is also an Associate Professor of Medicine in Cardiology at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Dr. Devries wrote “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Cholesterol” and co-edited the book “Integrative Cardiology” in the Dr. Weil Library series. He has been voted by his peers many years over as one of the “Best Doctors in America.” Dr. Devries and his work in integrative cardiology have been featured on National Public Radio and PBS.

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Victoria Maizes, M.D.

Victoria Maizes, M.D.

Dr. Victoria Maizes is Executive Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and a Professor of Medicine, Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Arizona. Internationally recognized as a leader in integrative medicine, Dr Maizes is committed to helping individuals live healthier lives and pioneering change efforts that solve US health care system problems. For nineteen years she has worked together with Dr Andrew Weil and their team at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine to create and implement national educational programs that reach thousands of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals; developed an innovative, integrative primary care clinical model; and carried out research to assess the clinical and cost effectiveness of integrative care. A highly sought after speaker, she is the editor of the Oxford University textbook Integrative Women’s Health and the author of Be Fruitful: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child. In 2009, she was named one of the world’s 25 intelligent optimists by ODE magazine.

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Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW, BCD

Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW, BCD

Psychotherapist, author and guided imagery pioneer Belleruth Naparstek is the creator of the popular Health Journeys guided imagery audio series, which includes 55 of her own audio programs and scores of others by gifted, hand-picked practitioners. In the words of Prevention Magazine, "she has been quietly creating an underground revolution among major healthcare institutions – hospitals, pharmas, insurance carriers and HMO’s - by persuading them to distribute guided imagery to the people they serve.”

Her first book, Staying Well with Guided Imagery (Warner) is a widely used primer on imagery and healing. Her second book, Your Sixth Sense (Harper Collins) has been translated into nine languages and called one of the most thoughtful and sophisticated looks at imagery and intuition. Her most recent book on imagery and post-traumatic stress, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal (Bantam Dell), won the Spirituality & Health Top 50 Books Award. Highlighted in the 20th anniversary edition of their seminal book, Courage to Heal, Ellen Bass and Laura Davis call Invisible Heroes, "the most useful book for trauma survivors to be published in the last decade”.

Recently she has been developing military-friendly resources with the help of the U.S. Army and the Ft. Sill Resiliency Center, and DCoE (Defense Centers of Excellence) has declared guided imagery one of their Twelve Promising Practices.

Her audio programs have been involved in over two dozen clinical trials, with nearly a dozen studies completed to date. Efficacy has been established for several psychological and medical challenges, most recently for military sexual trauma and combat stress at Duke University Medical Center/Durham Veterans Administration Hospital.

Naparstek received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago. She maintained her psychotherapy practice for over 30 years and for several years taught graduate students at The Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University. Earlier in her career, she supervised psychiatry residents at Cambridge Hospital/Harvard Medical School and was Chief of Consultation & Education at the Woodburn Center for Community Mental Health in Fairfax County, VA. She also did a brief stint as a musical comedy actress at Second City and The Tip Top Tap of the Allerton Hotel in Chicago, and says that her musical comedy skills sometimes come in handy for teaching.

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Sanford Newmark, M.D.

Sanford Newmark, M.D.

Sanford Newmark, MD is a clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of California. He is the head of the Pediatric Integrative Neurodevelopmental Program at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, specializing in the treatment of Autism, ADHD and other developmental or chronic childhood conditions. He also has a long-standing interest and expertise in nutrition and its impact on childhood development and general health. He combines conventional medicine with nutrition, behavior management and various complementary modalities. Dr. Newmark has lectured widely on both autism and ADHD and has authored 3 chapters in Integrative Medicine textbooks. He has written a book entitled ADHD Without Drugs, a Guide to the Natural Care of Children with ADHD. His UCTV talk on ADHD has had over 4.6 million views.

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Jim Nicolai, M.D.

Jim Nicolai, M.D.

Jim Nicolai, M.D., is the former Medical Director of the Integrative Wellness Program at Miraval Resort and Spa, one of the first interactive wellness programs of its kind at a destination spa resort. He is a board-certified family practitioner and a graduate of the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona in Tucson, under the direction of Dr. Andrew Weil. A graduate of the Indiana School of Medicine, Dr. Nicolai completed his family practice residency at St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers.

Dr. Nicolai has a special interest in whole-person medicine, addressing patients as mental and emotional beings, energetic and spiritual entities, and community members, as well as physical bodies. His expertise is in combining conventional medicine with the intelligent use of complementary and alternative therapies, including herbs and other botanicals, vitamins and supplements, nutritional counseling, lifestyle management and stress reduction.

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Andrew Weil M.D.

Healthy aging
Aging is inevitable; trying to slow, stop, or reverse it is a waste of time. The goal of healthy aging is reduce the risk and delay the onset of age-related disease – to live long and well and have a rapid decline at the end of life. In order to do that, you must attend to all lifestyle factors that influence health.

Fish, Wellness & the Environment
Fish is an excellent source of protein and some species (salmon, sardines, herring, sablefish) are the best sources of the omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for optimum health. But fish are rapidly disappearing from oceans as a result of overharvesting. Farmed fish are often not as nutritious as wild fish, and fish farming threatens the environment. Furthermore, some fish are contaminated with toxins. It is important to learn how to select fish to eat and how best to prepare them to enjoy their health benefits.

Getting the Most out of Integrative Therapies panel
Our integrative health and wellness team will discuss the therapies most often used and recommended. They will also answer questions about health conditions and the best ways to manage them.

Worried you’re over medicated? Questions to Ask your doctor – panel discussion
Overmedication is a serious problem in our population. Many of the medications in common use (both prescribed and sold over-the-counter) are unnecessary; many do more harm than good. In long-term use, many actually prolong or worsen the conditions for which they are prescribed. Panelists will give examples and describe alternative ways to manage common health conditions.

Vitamins and Supplements – panel discussion
Our integrative health and wellness team will discuss appropriate uses of vitamins and supplements, their risks and benefits, and answer questions about them.

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Steve Devries M.D.

Heart to Heart
This talk will discuss the power of natural approaches for optimal heart health, including the latest evidence-based strategies involving nutrition, the mind-body connection, and physical activity. Most importantly, you will learn practical tips that allow you to leverage small lifestyle changes into substantial health benefits.

Keeping the Cruise Feeling
This discussion will focus on the often unrecognized impact of stress on common health problems. Simple, practical steps will be discussed and demonstrated to help you manage stress and improve your well-being.

Special Foods to Delight Your Heart and Mind
New scientific advances have identified specific foods with unique health benefits. We will examine the foods and cooking methods found to boost heart function and sharpen mental acuity.

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Victoria Maizes M.D.

Vitality – How to Uncover More
Everybody wants a little more energy; a bit more verve. Dr. Victoria Maizes, Executive Director of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, explores energy boosters and zappers. Drawing from a myriad of options derived from the integrative medicine approach, she presents cutting-edge nutritional advances, proven mind-body tools, ancient energetic practices, and the neuroscience of happiness. Expect to find practical strategies that you can use to feel healthier and more vital than ever before.

Nourishing your Health by Living Green
Modern life exposes us to chemicals that may be subtly or profoundly impacting our health. We absorb toxins in the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the products we put on our skin, and the chemical sprays we use in and around our homes. Mounting evidence links environmental toxins to developmental disorders, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative changes. Dr. Victoria Maizes addresses the evidence for harm, the steps we can take to reduce exposures, and the multitude of resources that can help nourish our health and that of future generations.

Vibrantly Healthy Women
Most women worry about developing breast cancer or heart disease. Others about changes coinciding with menopause including the loss of bone density. Medical research provides strategies to mitigate the risks of disease. In her presentation, Dr. Victoria Maizes reviews the science of prevention that supports women in their efforts to live vibrantly healthy lives.

About Victoria Maizes M.D.

Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW, BCD

Guided Imagery: The Lazy’s Man’s (or Woman’s) Meditation
You don’t have to be smart, dedicated, mentally healthy or well-trained to use guided imagery. Nor do you have to believe in its usefulness for it to work. You don’t even have to be awake for it to deliver a positive impact on your mood, performance, health, attitude or behavior. Experience it here and see for yourself

Guided Imagery for Deep, Restorative Sleep
Sleep Insufficiency has been declared a national public health epidemic by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Most of us get far too little sleep, or depend on pills, with all their dopey, foggy side effects. Guided imagery can reduce or replace meds, produce a better quality of sleep, and has zero side effects, except for pleasant ones. Learn how and why it works, and experience it for yourself.

Guided Imagery for Overcoming Anxiety
Learn five different powerful mind-body techniques to deploy quickly and easily when anxiety or panic starts to rear its ugly head. As luck would have it, we carry around inside of us all the tools, tricks and techniques we’ll ever need to gain mastery over our mood, emotions and mind state. Sample several approaches and learn how to access them at will, to break the cycle of getting anxious over getting anxious.

About Belleruth Naparstek, ACSW, BCD

Sanford Newmark M.D.

ADHD Today
25-30 years ago ADHD was a relatively uncommon condition. Now in many states almost 15% of our children are diagnosed with this disease and 4 million children are taking psychostimulant medications with unknown long term effects. We will discuss the pitfalls of over-diagnosis and how to treat ADHD in an Integrative way, using medication only when truly necessary.

Stress Levels in Kids
Childhood as we know it seems to be disappearing. Many of our children are highly stressed, anxious, and unhappy. We'll explore the reasons for this and what you can do as parents, grandparents and simply concerned adults to reverse a very disturbing trend.

Raising Healthy Kids
What is involved in raising healthy kids in our society? We will discuss nutrition, sleep, exercise, and social activity, giving practical guidelines for raising the healthiest possible children of all ages.

Discussion group: ADHD in adults
Does everybody have it? How do you know if there is really a problem and what can be done about it? Although it has become almost trendy to self-diagnose ADHD, it is a real problem for many people. We'll discuss how to make an accurate diagnosis and an integrative approach to the problem.

About Sanford Newmark M.D.

Jim Nicolai M.D.

Breathwalking for Wellness
Meditation is hard. For all of those who’ve tried a sitting meditation and failed, there’s a quick and simple alternative. Walking is simple to do, takes very little equipment and can be done anywhere. Learn how to move and breathe in a mindful way, timing your stride with breathing techniques to create a meditation while you walk. Anyone can make this a part of their daily routine.

Integrative Medicine Chest
Learn about Dr. Nicolai’s favorite botanical remedies to counter stress and anxiety, manage mild depression, and improve sleep. Following the strategies laid out in his book Integrative Wellness Rules, Dr. Jim will talk about his three favorite plant remedies to replace drugs like Valium, Prozac, and Ambien. You’ll discover that herbal solutions can be simple and effective methods to treat common ailments without the cost, side effects and questionable results prescription drugs offer.

Integrative Health is wonderful in theory, but let’s turn it Integrative Health is wonderful in theory, but let’s turn it into practical applications that make sense. How do you stock your medicine cabinet with quick and simple treatments for everyday situations? What do you put on that nagging shoulder or stiff neck? How do you treat seasonal allergies and infections, cuts and scrapes, insect bites and injuries? Learn how to put Integrative therapies into practice with these simple treatments to use all year round and for the rest of your life.

About Jim Nicolai M.D.