Seabourn Sojourn

Seabourn Conversations on board Seabourn Sojourn
Name Category Specialty Date
John Creighton Science Astronaut 1/4/2020
Professor Brian Ford Science Research Biologist, Author, and Lecturer 1/4/2020
David Smith Culture & Destinations Photography 1/4/2020
Andrew Johnson Culture & Destinations Historic influences on culture today 1/16/2020
Commodore Rupert Wallace Current Affairs & History Global affairs 1/16/2020
Adama Bah Culture & Destinations Gambian Affairs 1/22/2020
Tiiu Luuk Culture & Destinations  West and South African Cultural Specialist  1/26/2020
Andrew Lownie Current Affairs & History Literature and History  2/7/2020
Alan Collins Current Affairs & History Diplomacy and International Relations 2/11/2020
George Sranko Science Natural Historian 2/21/2020
Jacinta Nzokia Culture & Destinations Kenyan Specialist 2/25/2020
Chris Drake Culture & Destinations Cultural Geography  2/26/2020
Amb. Ashok Sajjanhar, Current Affairs & History Diplomacy and International Relations 3/6/2020
Bryan Fogel Arts Film Director 3/12/2020
Lynne Cox Current Affairs & History Long distance Swimming Champion 3/17/2020
Sir Tony Brenton Current Affairs & History Diplomat and Expert on World Affairs 3/22/2020
Richard Hove Culture & Destinations Architecture of South East Asia 3/22/2020
Ronald Sampson Culture & Destinations History and Regional Culture 3/22/2020
Sarri Tapales Culture & Destinations Philippines Cultural Expert 3/30/2020
Lawrence Blair Science  Anthropology 4/3/2020
Barry Dryer Current Affairs & History History and Culture 4/3/2020
Warren Fahey Culture & Destinations Cultural Historian and Storyteller 4/13/2020
Sir Jim McLay Current Affairs & History Diplomacy  4/17/2020
Alessandra Borchi UNESCO Heritage Conservation 4/28/2020
Harvey Broadbent Culture & Destinations  Destination History and Culture 4/28/2020
Fulton Armstrong Current Affairs & History Intelligence/ Foreign Policy  5/7/2020
Alison Wright Arts Adventure Photographer 5/7/2020
Janet Lee Arts Literary Critic 5/20/2020
Ted Libbey Arts Music and Media 5/20/2020