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Seabourn Private Air

Door to deck and back, in Seabourn style

Why fly on commercial airlines or gamble on fractional jet cards? Seabourn invites you to enjoy personalized service right from your door to our deck, and back. Seabourn Private Air utilizes a global network of operators who adhere to the highest international and U.S. Federal Aviation Administration standards, and who appreciate what it means to provide exceptional service with a fleet of private jets that include a range of sizes and models. Each flight is operated with health and safety protocols designed for today’s travel environment. When you travel using Seabourn Private Air, you charter the entire aircraft – the price does not vary with the number of passengers. The more people on a private jet, the lower the cost per person at a price that may be a viable alternative to premium class tickets on a commercial airline. And the plane is all yours!

The Seabourn Private Air service can accommodate groups of any size upon request, with available aircraft including light charter jets capable of carrying 5-8 passengers; mid-size jets sized for 7-8 passengers; and heavy private jets with capacity for 9-16 passengers.  Seabourn Private Air has access to jets of all sizes and can provide a viable alternative to commercial air travel while the group travels together efficiently in luxurious style. Our team can customize a quote for groups of 25 – 50 with ease.

Have a group of friends or family that wants to travel together but they live in different cities? Our team can also craft multi-leg private air options that allow the entire group to use the same jet as it makes its way to your embarkation port or back home, lowering the overall cost per passenger of the charter jet service.

Seabourn Private Air includes the following amenities:

  • Access to thousands of airports, large and small, that serve private aviation, as well as to most major international airports
  • Wi-Fi internet capability on most flights
  • Personal Valet® luggage service
  • Seabourn-standard catering options
  • Seabourn-brand food and beverages on every flight, including Regiis Ova caviar, K+M Chocolates, Montaudon Champagne, and a range of complimentary spirits
  • Amenities by Seabourn’s signature fragrance partner, Molton Brown, London
  • Complimentary transfers to and from home to the nearest airport and onward to Seabourn’s cruise port**
  • Cabin attendants, required on some aircraft, or available upon request*** if not required by aircraft
  • Next port protection up to 1,000 miles from original destination


Please note, Seabourn Private Air cannot be purchased online. To book, please contact your travel advisor or call Seabourn Reservations.

Seabourn Private Air is offered at an additional charge to your cruise fare. Pricing will vary by itinerary and aircraft.


Available exclusively to booked Seabourn guests, Flight Ease allows you to choose the best flight options from a variety of comfort levels for your flight, including Business Class, at extraordinary values.

Seabourn Private Air FAQ