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Now that you have sailed with Seabourn, you understand the unique sense of belonging that occurs as you get to know the interesting, convivial people who share your voyage. That same sense of belonging to a cordial group of travelers is enjoyed by those and only those — who have sailed with us, as members of our exclusive Seabourn Club.

Seabourn Club Benefits have always been among the most valuable in the cruise industry, especially the Milestone Award of a complimentary cruise after sailing 140 days. We have added benefits that start rewarding you after your first cruise, and increase in value as you sail more. Because personalization is a hallmark of Seabourn's service, you are free to choose the rewards you prefer from a generous menu of onboard amenities.

As a member of Seabourn Club, there are two ways you are rewarded – Milestone Awards and Seabourn Club Points.


Seabourn’s complimentary Milestone Cruise Awards will continue to represent the richest loyalty rewards in cruising. Each day you sail with Seabourn earns you one Sailed Day, and these days count toward your Milestone Awards. Seabourn Club Milestone Awards feature a complimentary cruise of up to 7 days when your Club account reaches 140 Redeemable Sailed Days, or a complimentary cruise of up to 14 days when 250 Redeemable Sailed Days is reached.

We are also pleased to recognize you at an onboard event when you celebrate these Sailed Day milestones:

  • 100 Sailed Days
  • 200 Sailed Days
  • 500 Sailed Days
  • 1,000 Sailed Days
  • 1,500 Sailed Days
  • 2,000 Sailed Days
  • 2,500 Sailed Days


In addition to earning Milestone Awards, you can also earn Seabourn Club Points that qualify you for an array of additional benefits on board and at home. These points establish your Seabourn Club Membership level. There are a number of ways to earn Seabourn Club Points:

  • Each Sailed Day on board a Seabourn ship earns you one Seabourn Club Point
  • Each Sailed Day in a penthouse or premium suite accommodation earns one additional Seabourn Club Point
  • Each night on an escorted Seabourn Journey earns one Seabourn Club Point
  • Every $500USD of eligible onboard and pre-cruise online purchases earns one Seabourn Club Point (net of returns, and limited to one additional Seabourn Club Point for each Sailed Day)

See Terms & Conditions for details

Seabourn - Seabourn Club Point Benefits

Seabourn Club Savings

Unlock an extra 5% savings with your Seabourn Club Membership.



Seabourn Referral Program

Refer your friends or family and earn a $250USD shipboard credit – for you both!