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Explore the center of the ancient world, from sacred holy sites to the monumental roots of Western Civilization. Sailing with Seabourn, whether your voyage takes you to Arabia, India, or Africa, you will experience marvels of the past and present, such as visits to numerous UNESCO World Heritage landmarks and some of the Earth's greatest, most far-reaching landscapes.

Herodotus, Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta extended the boundaries of their known world. You can still experience the worlds they recorded, along with wonders they never even imagined. Long-lost Petra rose and fell during the centuries between their journeys. The Bauhaus “White City” of Tel Aviv rose to stand majestically beside the sparkling Mediterranean long after their epic tales of exploration were written. Through the ages the humble pearl-fishing village on the Persian Gulf has transformed into modern Dubai, with its soaring glass skyscrapers and rich cultural heritage. Time has changed much of the world with technology and cyber trade, but you can still find markets where silks, sandalwood and spices are traded in colorful Mumbai and Cochin. At Agra, the timeless Taj Mahal returns your gaze across a tranquil pool, its reflection changed only by the passage of the sun.

Arabia Highlights

Explore the center of the ancient world, from sacred holy sites to the monumental roots of Western Civilization by day and return to the comfort of your ultraluxury home away from home by night to unpack the day’s discoveries.

Luxor, Egypt

Petra, Jordan

Uncover stops in Safaga and Aqaba to immerse yourself in the pristine mystique of bucket-list UNESCO sites like Petra and Luxor.

Featured Ports

Jordan, Petra, Treasury,The Khazneh Petra Archaeological Site

Aqaba (For Petra), Jordan

Aqaba was a stop on ancient caravan routes, a garrison for Roman troops and hostel for pilgrims to Mecca. Today it’s a portal to Petra, Jordan’s premier historical attraction
E3Y067 Ornate columns of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

See the huge, white Sheikh Zhayed mosque and the impressive, sumptuous Emirates Palace hotel. A visit to the city’s unique Falcon Hospital is both entertaining and educational.
High Rises on Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, Emirate of Dubai, UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Despite its glass-and-steel skyscrapers Dubai still harbors nostalgia for the nomadic Bedouin past. Ferry from Jumeirah across Dubai Creek to the Deir spice and gold souks.
Mumbai, Bombay, India

Mumbai (Bombay), India

Known for its striking contrasts, fast-growing, affluent and industrialized Mumbai represents the kaleidoscopic face of today's India: the old coupled with the dynamic new.
Muscat, Oman

Muscat, Oman

Oman is one of the oldest civilizations in Arabia, and Muscat’s history is rich in Islamic heritage, evident in prominent landmarks such as forts, castles, towers and mosques.