Seabourn Journeys

Pre- and Post-Cruise Land-based Excursions

Seabourn Journeys are superbly crafted pre- and post-cruise extensions, exploring many of the world’s most treasured sites that cannot be accessed on single-day excursions from the ship, including iconic UNESCO World Heritage locations. Our options enable you to combine exceptional land and sea experiences seamlessly. Most Seabourn Journeys welcome between two and ten guests, guaranteeing you an intimate, personalized adventure in Seabourn style, no matter which of these extraordinary worlds you choose.

To book Seabourn Journeys, contact your Travel Advisor or Seabourn Reservations.

2024 Grand Africa Mid-Voyage Journeys

Ocean Voyage Journeys

*Guests are responsible for traveling with proper documentation including a passport valid for 6 months after travel, proof of required immunizations & visa(s) and proof of eligibility to enter Canada (for applicable itineraries).