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Traverse Antarctica and South America on Seabourn's ultra-luxury ships. Explore countries and cultures that touch your curiousity and heart. Seabourn offers travelers a wide variety of exciting adventures and discoveries in both regions.

Antarctica & South America Cruise Destinations

Antarctica With Seabourn

Antarctica — It lay undetected for most of recorded time, beyond the margins of the known world. Even after someone stumbled on it, its isolation and the necessary rigors of the journey kept all but the most intrepid away. Those who did return ran short of superlatives to describe its magnificence. We go to Antarctica in a style undreamed by those ardent early pioneers. But what awaits us there — the snowy, sentinel mountain ranges, teeming penguin colonies and stately parades of monumental icebergs; the sight of an albatross effortlessly gliding across an ink-blue sea and the unexpected rainbow of mist arising from a breaching whale — all of that is virtually unchanged from the time before its discovery.

That is the magic of Antarctica, its timeless majesty and pristine beauty. Those who have seen it claim it’s impossible to adequately describe, that you must go yourself. We believe that is an excellent suggestion, and one we can assist travelers in accomplishing. Guests will be accompanied by a veteran Expedition Team, who in many cases have made Antarctica the focus of their life’s work. They’ll tell you what they know, point out what they think you ought to see, and step ashore with you to share the profound experience of adventure and discovery that brings them back year after year. 

When you cruise with Seabourn, we promise a voyage that is nothing short of magical. See penguins, whales and other diverse wildlife, kayak around icebergs and massive glaciers, hike along the majestic continent and see the wonders of Antarctica up close. 

Each cruise to Antarctica includes the following exclusive amenities and activities designed to enhance every moment:

  • Inclusive zodiac tours and landings*
  • Digital photography workshops
  • Complimentary Seabourn expedition-grade parka and day pack
  • Opportunities for frequent wildlife sightings from the ship and on shore
  • Onboard Expedition team providing narration and insight to all aspects of the experience
  • Inspiring Enrichment Program and special guest speakers on board

*Final itineraries are subject to weather, ice and other conditions and subject to change.

South America With Seabourn

Seabourn’s ultra-luxury cruises to South America unveil the amazing variety of cultural, historical and natural wonders to be found there. Vibrant, modern cities with picturesque, colonial hearts; long-lost monuments of vanished civilizations, and landscapes of breathtaking beauty. Our voyages to South America lets cruisers survey the colorful colonial cities of Brazil, the broad golden beaches, the dramatic Chilean fjords and the lush forests of the Amazon basin. Continue cruising south to experience the untouched, diverse wildlife of Antarctica.

Enjoy a new perspective of the Amazon on our luxury South America Cruise by getting up close and personal via Zodiac or kayak as part of our optional Ventures by Seabourn shore excursion program. 

A few of the highlights you will experience include:

  • With its stunning setting and joyous lust for life make Rio De Janiero a cidade maravilhosa, "marvelous city." Ipanema, Copacabana, samba — the words alone conjure Brazilian paradise.
  • Buenos Aires is one of the most popular destinations on our luxury cruise to South America. This cosmopolitan city boasts broad, tree-shaded boulevards, beautiful residential districts, fountains, and 20th-century high-rise buildings.
  • Manaus, the largest port on the Amazon, teems with watercraft of all sorts and the Teatro Amazonas opera house is a restored relic of the Rubber Boom.
  • Lima, Peru’s capital, is one of the most important cities in the Americas. Its Spanish Colonial heritage is combined with amazing Inca artifacts and renowned cuisine.

Seabourn’s Antarctica Expeditions

Seabourn Antarctica Experience

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Visit Current to learn about Seabourn's Antarctica voyages. Seabourn is ready for adventure with a world-class and experienced Expedition Team assembled to lead all expeditions through the wilds of Antarctica.

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Featured Ports

South Georgia Experience

South Georgia may include the following experiences. The exact itinerary is subject to permissions, weather, ice conditions and time available. The daily program will be determined by the Expedition Team and is subject to site availability.
Bayside view of Ushuaia, Argentina seen from a Seabourn luxury cruise to South America

Ushuaia, Argentina

The picturesque capital of Tierra del Fuego nestles on the shores of Ushuaia Bay and the Beagle Channel, among snow-clad mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and beech forests.
Picture of a couple dancing in Buenos Aires, Argentina while on a Seabourn luxury South America cruise

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This cosmopolitan, truly great walking city boasts broad, tree-shaded boulevards, beautiful residential districts, monuments, fountains, and 20th-century high-rise buildings.
Aerial view of Puerto Montt, Chile, seen on one of many luxury cruises to South America

Puerto Montt, Chile

Southern Chile’s Lake District is graced with spectacular scenery, including magnificent snowcapped volcanoes, towering forests and quaint, German-style lakeside villages.
Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta Del Este, Uruguay

This world class beach resort sits on a peninsula in the Atlantic, bordered by more than 25 miles of white beaches with surf on the ocean side, and tranquil waters on the other.

The Falkland Islands Experience

There is nowhere else in the world like the Falkland Islands. The archipelago is a remote, wind-swept place of stunning landscapes, dazzling white sand beaches, magnificent wildlife, and a rather gregarious mix of people.

Antarctica & South America Travel Articles: Learn More About Antarctica & South America

Traveling to Antarctica and South America with Seabourn gives guests the chance to experience incomparable landscapes and abundant wildlife while visiting a variety of scenic ports.

South America showcases unique eco habitats amongst the dramatic Andes Mountains. To visit Antarctica, Seabourn travels from the southernmost city, Ushuaia, through the Drake Passage. Along with reveling in the stunning landscapes and unusual wildlife, guests can also enjoy amazing meals throughout their voyage to Antarctica. 

On this voyage, there are frequent opportunities for wildlife sightings including whales, penguins and sea life. Guests may add more adventure to their Antarctica experience, by joining an optional expedition to kayak, hike or boat. To take a true expedition, add the one-of-a-kind Seabourn Journey to the South Pole to the voyage.