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Bayside view of Ushuaia, Argentina seen from a Seabourn luxury cruise to South America

Ushuaia, Argentina

Once deemed too harsh for European settlement, Ushuaia's rugged beauty was the realm of its native inhabitants - the Yahgan People. Today, it holds the distinctive title of being the southernmost city on Earth, often referred to as "the end of the world." Situated along the banks of the Beagle Channel, Ushuaia unveils itself like an artist's masterpiece. A mosaic of vibrant houses adds a splash of color against the dramatic backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Dominating this breathtaking panorama is Monte Olivia, its jagged peaks soaring 4,530 feet above the landscape.

The terrain transforms from dense forests of Southern beech trees at sea level to alpine ecosystems as you ascend. Thanks to its strategic location and proximity to the Antarctic Peninsula, Ushuaia has earned its status as the gateway to the Great White Continent. Yet, Ushuaia is more than just a stepping stone to Antarctica. It's a treasure trove of natural history, indigenous heritage, and the spirit of exploration. From embarking on awe-inspiring treks in the nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park to delving into the rich narratives at "The End of the World" museum, Ushuaia promises a plethora of experiences that cater to the curious and the adventurous alike.