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Expedition Destinations

Embrace Flexibility

You’ll notice in many Expedition itineraries that we describe them solely as an “experience” or note that they are subject to change.  Embracing this flexibility allows our expedition team to be actively curating a voyage that is personalized to you, sure to move you closer and deeper to wildlife, history, and new cultures than ever before.

Expedition Destinations:

Announcing 2025 Seabourn Pursuit New Kimberley and South Pacific Voyages

Rounding out Seabourn Pursuit’s 2025 season, we are pleased to announce the addition of 13 more expedition voyages to over 40 destinations departing between August and September, curated to bring you closer and deeper to wildlife, history, and new cultures that few will ever see.

Amazon Expedition Cruises

Sailing on: Seabourn Venture

Delve deep into the Amazon on a safari at sea with Seabourn Expeditions. Our round-trip Manaus itineraries are designed to take you closer and further than ever before, giving you intimate access to areas of the river that are rarely visited.

The flora and fauna seem to gaze back at you as you make your way up the river by Zodiac, under the serenity of the canopy.  More of a night owl? Dusk and night-time Zodiac tours will steal you through the nocturnal nightlife of the Amazon varzea ecosystem. Your guides will introduce you to the rich agricultural traditions of subsistent economies that live in this cyclical climate.

Featured Highlights

Antarctica Expedition Cruises

Sailing on: Seaboun Pursuit, Seabourn Venture

Transformation incarnate, Antarctica’s forever-changing nature weaves its magic into every aspect of a Seabourn Expedition. Board a Zodiac® and get closer to the Great White Continent, cruising alongside awe-inspiring beauty of towering icebergs, or kayak through a maze of sea ice. Observe wildlife including penguin colonies and join the team ashore to walk and hike across vast, untouched landscapes seldom seen by other travelers. 

Our experienced guides will use their decades of experience in this wild region to unveil its secrets and their storytelling will transport you to its past, present, and future.


Featured Highlights

South Georgia & the Falklands

Sailing on: Seabourn Pursuit, Seabourn Venture

Break through to another world marked by surprisingly verdant plains, barren windswept flats, white-sand beaches, and a Victorian townscape.  Paired with select Antarctic itineraries, these islands to the east offer unparalleled biodensity and striking landscapes, their nutrient rich seas teeming with an abundance of wildlife.


Featured Highlights

Arctic Expedition Cruises

Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

Sailing on: Seabourn Venture

You didn’t get this far by following the crowd. These classic Arctic expeditions are designed for guests who carve their own path, going where very few others have gone before. This season is all about “more”.

More time dedicated to our thrilling Arctic experiences, deftly navigating through areas almost impossible to reach by other ships. More time surrounded by glittering towers of ice and more time searching for wildlife in the pack ice from the ship.

Connect with the resilient people of the Arctic, and learn about their relationship with the elements around them and the rich history of their traditions. 



British Isles

Sailing on: Seabourn Venture

Immerse yourself in the past and present of the British Isles with itineraries featuring more hidden gems than ever before. Savor scotch, stones, and stories surrounded by the rural serenity of the Scottish countryside. Travel by kayak or Zodiac through picturesque lochs and old-world harbors.

Our phenomenal expedition team of experts is right alongside you as you travel off the beaten path in search of stunning coastal scenery, multitudes of seabirds, historic monuments and iconic landmarks.


Kimberley Expedition Cruises

The Kimberley Experience

Sailing on: Seabourn Pursuit

The Kimberley is one the world’s last wild frontiers, containing everything from rugged sandstone peaks to gushing waterfalls to sunken mangrove forests and everything in between.

Treat yourself to experiences that get you out of your comfort zone. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a natural history buff, or someone seeking a new adventure in one of the most pristine places on Earth, you are sure to find it here.



Northwest Passage Expedition Cruises

Sailing on: Seabourn Venture

Guests will walk in the footsteps of seafarers and explorers who carved their way through this historic route and through history itself.

Surround yourself with the magic of the largest icebergs in the northern hemisphere and abundant sea ice, and indulge your curiosity as you meet the diverse, solitary wildlife that you can only find in this part of the world. Gain a new perspective on life as you connect with indigenous communities, learn their rich history and traditions, and better understand what it means to live their self-sustaining way of life.

South Pacific Expedition Cruises

South Pacific

Sailing on: Seabourn Pursuit

The South Pacific is home to some of the least-travelled islands and atolls in the world, making it the perfect destination for Seabourn’s extraordinary explorers to discover new and hidden gems.  With each itinerary offering something different from the one before, these are uniquely personal voyages with no two experiences alike.

Guests can explore the riches of unspoiled coral reefs and diverse fish populations, marvel at the relics of WWII activity in the Pacific Theater, and participate in cultural exchanges with the incredible local populations, joining in their traditions and learning more about the evolution of these populations as they navigated the vast Pacific to settle in some of the most remote communities on Earth.