Combine adventure and luxury on a South Pacific expedition with Seabourn

South Pacific Expedition Cruises

This vast oceanic region is home to thousands of islands, comprising staggering amounts of endemic flora and fauna, on land, in the seas, and soaring through the skies not to be found anywhere else. Island nations like French Polynesia, Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa all contain beaches of fine sand leading into pristine waters of cerulean wonder, rich and dense with delights for snorkelers and divers of all skill levels.   

Diverse in geographical elements and topographical design, the volcanos and rainforests of this region will provide ample challenge and a sensational feast for the bold traveler, as we explore towns tucked away in the hearts of isles, atolls and lagoons of startling clarity, the rolling boil of volcanic lakes, and a deep history encompassed by the culture and hospitality of local communities.

These islands represent the tropical paradise, allowing for the dichotomy of peaceful relaxation and adventure around ever corner to exist in harmony. No matter your interests, desires, or explorative spirit, the South Pacific will be your playground, your spa, your connection to the world around us, and much more. Come aboard and find your South Pacific.

South Pacific Expedition Highlights

Ambrym, Vanuatu

This volcanic island is home to two boiling lakes, nestled high above, as well as a varied and rich bird population, containing stunning species as they fill the skies in a kaleidoscopic display of color.


Easter Island

The southeastern-most point in the Polynesian Triangle, tiny Easter Island in the South Pacific is one of the most remote places on earth. A large slice of the island is Chile’s Rapa Nui National Park, preserving the sculptural heritage of the indigenous Rapa Nui people, whose ancestors carved the huge human effigies called moai.

Nuku Island, Tonga

Southwest of Neiafu, among the countless minor islands that make up the larger conglomeration of Vava’u, the island of Nuku is an untapped paradise of blue water and white sand beaches. Embark on a journey to explore this epitome of South Pacific geography, wherein the idyllic nature will rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.