The South Pacific is home to some of the least-travelled islands and atolls in the world, making it the perfect destination for Seabourn’s extraordinary explorers to discover new and hidden gems.  With each itinerary offering something different from the one before, these are uniquely personal voyages with no two experiences alike.  Guests can explore unspoiled coral reefs with diverse fish populations, marvel at relics of World War II action in the Pacific Theater, and visit incredible local communities that are open to sharing their traditions and homes amid life in the most remote region on Earth.

Featured South Pacific Itineraries

Expedition Experience: Baining Fire Dance

In the shadow of the Baining Mountains, you will experience this extraordinary sacred dance usually reserved for the most poignant of life’s milestones. Adorned in ornate, outsized masks, the dancers leap across the flames to the sound of chanting and drumbeats that reverberate across the island and through you.

South Pacific Port Highlights

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is the quintessential, off-the-beaten path destination. Experience the heritage of the Rapa Nui people from the towering stone moai standing sentry across the island to the ruins of a ceremonial village dedicated to the Birdman Cult, who dove from the towering cliffs and stole away with sooty tern eggs in a bid to lead the people of the island.

Pentecost, Vanuatu

One of the largest volcanic islands in the Vanuatu archipelago, Pentecost is known for its land divers.  Watch as these brave men leap from a high platform with vines tied to their ankles in a ritual thought to be the inspiration for bungee jumping.


Agats, West Papua, Indonesia

Cruise into the small rivers of the Asmat region for the real highlight—an encounter with the mysterious people who have lived here for generations.  The clans of the Asmat have remained relatively isolated until recent years but are adherents to a rich series of vivid rites and traditions which guests will experience firsthand.


Raja Ampat

This diving mecca is known for its crystalline waters and abundant reef life. Plunge into the waters for an inclusive scuba or snorkel journey and search for parrotfish, sea turtles, angelfish, and an incredible array of soft corals


Kitava, Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea

Easily one of the most unique cultural experiences offered in our expeditions, a visit with the Trobriands invites guests to learn more about this curious matrilineal society whose primary currency (and center of village life) is the cultivation and storage of yams. Guests may even have an opportunity to observe a “Kula exchange”, an intricate trading ritual by which the Trobriands swap shell jewelry as signs of status and respect.  

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