Welcome to the otherworldly Kimberley.  Tucked along the northwestern corner of Australia, the Kimberley is one of the world’s last wild frontiers, containing everything from rugged sandstone peaks to gushing waterfalls to sunken mangrove forests and everything in between. Treat yourself to the unexpected, with experiences that get you out of your comfort zone and into the heart of this diverse locale. Cruise through Montgomery Reef as the tides rush out and leave sea turtles dotting their heads in its midst, search for a lustrous and masterfully cultivated pearl on a local pearl farm, laugh as you splash through the spray of King George Falls, or take to the skies in an amphibious Mallard aircraft to watch tawny sharks at play below. Better yet, engage with the original land-owning communities and their cultural rites, including guided showings of the unique Gwion Gwion artwork they have curated for centuries.

Crystal clear waters and gleaming pearls aside, these unique sailings shine for guests who are curious about exploring Australia but also want the expedition experience off the beaten path.  For well-seasoned travelers, the Kimberley truly offers a unique perspective on the world; whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a natural history buff, or someone seeking a new adventure in one of the most pristine places on Earth, you are sure to find it here. 

The Kimberley Expedition Port Highlights

Featured Included Shore Excursions

Bungle Bungles Scenic Flight

Fly over the astounding views of one of the most unique mountain ranges known to man. Keep your eyes peeled as you study its beehive shaped domes. This World Heritage site and much of its glowing landscape is untouched by man. 

Kuri Bay Pearl Farm

Offering an intriguing and unique glimpse into the South Sea Pearl industry, guests will hear directly from the farmers themselves about the entire process. You’ll travel to and from the ship by Zodiac, where your expedition team will point out tawny nurse sharks in the crystal-clear waters below you. 

Traditional Face Painting Ceremony

Envelop yourself in the warm welcome of the local Wunambal Gaambera people as they share their traditional face-painting ceremony with you. The traditional landowners will guide you to a rock overhang that’s both home to a Wandjina dreamtime art gallery, and historical shelter to their families. Walk in the footsteps of your guide’s ancestors as they share stories and traditions with you that have been passed down through generations. The day comes to a close with a traditional smoke ceremony to send you off with well wishes and a safe journey.

El Questro Park

Experience the quintessential contrasts of the Kimberley region on this guided ranger tour complete with river cruise and Wandjina rock art. Immerse yourself in the vast red vistas and plateaus of this million-acre wilderness, culminating your journey with a cruise through the bright, tropical vegetation of Chamberlain River Gorge.