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Montgomery Reef, West Territories, Australia

Vibrant wonders await at the vast Montgomery Reef, formed some 1.8 billion years ago. This ancient reef is recognized today as one of the most significant geological marine environments in the Kimberley.

Experience the mesmerizing allure of the largest inshore reef in Australia as it magically rises from the ocean during the tidal shifts, revealing a kaleidoscope of marine life. Observe the captivating sight of cascading waterfalls, formed as the reef drains during low tide, which is a spectacle exclusive to this part of the world.

Enjoy an additional embarkment at Freshwater Cove, known for its volcanic hills and ties to the Traditional Land Owners; explore the rich Aboriginal culture and stories history through the cave art or galleries.

Included Experience on Expedition Voyages

Zodiac Cruise
Arriving on high tide, we leave the ship and head out by Zodiac to the edge of Montgomery Reef. As soon as the tide drops it exposes the “river” a narrow channel we will explore by Zodiac. We will witness torrent water and endless cascading waterfalls. As the water drops further, the reef is exposed, and fish are trapped on the reef and in pools. They bring in an array of birdlife. Keep a look out for the white and gray morph eastern reef egret, ospreys, white bellied sea eagles and the beach thick knee. In the water we hope to see dugongs, stokes sea snake, tawny nurse sharks and hammerhead sharks. When the tide is out, many turtles are concentrated into the ''river', and over a few hours one can see dozens and dozens of them. They are often found both in the water and stranded on the reef.​