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Talbot Bay, Australia

Delve into the stories of its First Nations heritage and marvel at the ancient rock art found throughout Talbot Bay, where extreme natural wonders await exploration. Explore its rocky shores and steep cliffs, comprised of deformed quartz sandstones blended with volcanic rock. Or investigate the diverse seabeds, which can dramatically transform from 100-foot deep channels to exposed rock formations. Water enthusiasts will also want to explore Turtle Reef, named over its abundance of turtles on the reef, and home to coral reef and crocodiles. The pinnacle of this great region is the iconic Horizontal Falls, a jaw-dropping natural wonder, hailed by Sir David Attenborough as 'Australia's most unusual natural feature.” The effect of the waterfalls is created by the rapid tidal fall on the ocean-side of gaps in the sandstone cliffs. Waters on the inland side of the gaps cannot escape fast enough, resulting in a “horizontal waterfall” created by the cascades, with water levels differing sometimes by several meters on either side of the gaps.


Zodiac Cruise:​
With 14m/45ft tidal changes, a zodiac tour in Talbot Bay to the Horizontal Waterfalls is an experience you will never forget. Leaving the ship, we make our way directly to what is commonly known as the “gap”, a small passage eroded over time. The expedition team will arrive at the “gap”, timing it with either slack high or slack low, to allow us the opportunity to ”shoot” through the gaps. You will see why this phenomena is referred to as the Horizontal Waterfalls. After witnessing the Horizontal waterfalls, the zodiac cruise will continue into the narrower gorge to witness sandstone formations, tidal eddies and geological upliftment. ​

* Moving through the “gaps” is weather and tidal dependent and is not always possible. ​