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South Georgia Experience

The South Georgia Islands Group, one of the least visited destinations on earth, is a gem in the heart of the sub-Antarctic. Comprising of South Georgia Island and its smaller surrounding islands and rocks, this untouched paradise houses a rich tapestry of wildlife, thriving in a climate that is as harsh as it is beautiful. Despite the presence of ice and snow, these islands are remarkably green, their vegetation a stark contrast to the icy expanses of Antarctica. This is a Lost Eden where nature reigns supreme, teeming with an array of wildlife that includes vast colonies of king and other penguin species, fur and elephant seals, albatrosses, giant petrels, and other seabirds. Offshore, whales, orcas, and dolphins thrive in the nutrient-rich waters, making this the most diverse marine ecosystem on earth.

Your journey through the South Georgia Islands Group is carefully curated by your captain and Expedition Leader based on local conditions and wildlife reports. You'll venture to historic communities like Grytviken, visit the sprawling breeding colony of king penguins on Salisbury Plain, and explore the rarely-visited, lesser-known sites nature allows.