Health & Safety Protocols FAQs

Updated September 28, 2022
Global COVID-19 regulations and protocols are continuously changing and we may revise or modify these FAQs (effective immediately) to evolve in line with the latest practices at any time. Please check back regularly for any updates.

Planning & Cruise Preparation

What requirements must be completed prior to boarding?
1.    Visit Health Protocols Look Up Tool to understand the pre-cruise vaccination and/or testing requirements specific to your booking and voyage.
2.    Complete all required vaccination/testing requirements, as outlined in the Health Protocols Look Up Tool in step 1. 
3.    We encourage guests to use VeriFLY, a secure, free digital health application that allows you the ability to easily upload required pre-embarkation information, like your proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test results. Completing these tasks before check-in will make embarkation a faster and more seamless experience.
4.    Complete your Online Guest Registration at as soon as you have booked, including vaccination attestation and cruise contract. 
5.    Complete your Seabourn health questionnaire 72-24 hours before you embark using the Seabourn Source app or at 
6.    Understand entry requirements for each country visited and bring all necessary travel documents. 
7.    Guests that are on a voyage that begins, ends or visits a Canadian port that embarks before October 1, 2022, must also complete ArriveCAN, as required by the Canadian government.

Can I book back-to-back cruises?
Guests on back-to-back voyages, ages 5 and above may be required to take a complimentary rapid antigen COVID-19 test before the second voyage. Shipboard medical staff will notify guests of any testing requirements.

Our current policy is that guests will not need to pack and disembark with luggage for this testing between cruises.  Final details will be confirmed once on board, including when and where to go for testing if required.

Do I need to send you my vaccine card and test results in advance?
We encourage vaccinated guests to use VeriFLY, a secure, free digital health application that allows them the ability to easily upload required pre-embarkation information, like their proof of vaccination and negative COVID-19 test results. Completing these tasks before check-in will make embarkation a faster and more seamless experience. Guests who are unable to complete the VeriFLY process must present the required COVID-19 documentation at the time of check-in.

If you are unsure what your vaccination or testing requirements are, use our Health Protocols Look Up Tool.

Will travel insurance be required? Can I purchase independent coverage?
We strongly recommend all guests purchase comprehensive international travel insurance. Also, some of the destinations we visit require all guests to have adequate insurance coverage that covers both cruising and COVID-19. Guests are responsible for informing themselves about the insurance requirements for the destinations in their itinerary and for taking steps to obtain insurance.


COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines

Which Seabourn voyages currently require vaccinations?
It is highly recommended that guests are fully vaccinated and boosted (if eligible) at time of sailing.

To find out what vaccine and testing requirements apply to your voyage, click here. Additional testing and vaccine requirements may apply to certain itineraries so it is important that guests check the requirements for their specific booking by using the link above.

What COVID-19 vaccine types are accepted on board?
We only accept vaccines that are approved or authorized for emergency use by the U.S. FDA, or the World Health Organization, or the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Some countries and regions on the itinerary may only accept vaccines approved by their regulatory agencies. 

Current approved or authorized vaccine types.

For updated authorized vaccine information, refer to:
See authorized U.S. FDA vaccines
See authorized World Health Organization vaccines
See authorized European Medicines Agency vaccines
See authorized Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration vaccines

Are mixed vaccines types accepted?
In a two dose vaccine series, we accept mixed vaccines types only if at least 2 doses of an authorized vaccine were administered at least 28 days apart, with the last dose given at least 14 days before sailing.

What proof of full vaccination will be accepted?
Digital or paper records, or QR codes, showing the vaccine type, the date of each vaccine administered, the individuals name and date of birth or other identifier.

For faster check-in, we recommend VeriFLY, a secure, free digital health application that allows guests the ability to easily upload any required vaccination records and COVID-19 test results. Completing these tasks before check-in will make embarkation a faster and more seamless experience. Guests who have obtained their VeriFLY pass must still complete the Online Guess Registration process on

What if I am exempt from receiving the vaccination?
Guests should check the Health Protocols Look Up Tool to understand which voyages require vaccination and which voyages do not require vaccination.  If you would like to sail on a voyage that requires vaccination and you would like to have an exemption request reviewed, please call us:

·         Seattle Office: 800-929-9391 or 206-626-9190 (local)
·         Rotterdam Office: 00800 1872 1872
·         Southampton, U.K. Office: 0344 338 8615
·         Sydney Office: 13 24 02

For exemptions on any itineraries that include Canada or Alaska, the Canadian Government requires medical documentation for Medical Vaccine Exemptions for any sailing before October 1, 2022.  Guests who have an approved medical exemption from COVID-19 Vaccines are required to bring a letter from a physician. Guests can visit for information on this.
Additional information on entering Canada here:

For exemptions on any itineraries that include Australia, we manage an exemption process for a small number of guests with medical contraindications to the vaccine and for children under the age of 12 (or for sailings to Western Australia – children under the age of 5), subject to regulations of the ports we visit.

Exemptions are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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COVID-19 Testing Requirements

What types of COVID-19 tests are accepted?
The following formats are acceptable proofs of a negative COVID-19 test: paper negative COVID-19 test results (original only), digital or emailed COVID-19 test results; or record of COVID-19 testing from a healthcare provider including original digital email notification or personal electronic health record. The negative COVID-19 test result must include:
   •  Where the test was administered, including information such as the name and contact information for the laboratory or healthcare personnel who performed the test
   •  Type of test (indicating it is a PCR or antigen test)
   •  A specimen collection date that meets the pre-embarkation testing requirements
   •  Guest’s name and either date of birth, age, or passport number
   •  A negative test result using words or phrases including:
      ·         Negative
      ·         Undetectable
      ·         SARS-CoV-2 RNA not detected
      ·         SARS-CoV-2 antigen not detected
      ·         COVID-19 not detected
      ·         Not reactive

Test results marked “invalid” are not accepted.

For cruises that allow an at-home, self-administered Antigen test, guests should take a photo of their test result with their mobile device. Their full names, date and time of test should be written on, or next to the test device result like the below:

First Name: _____________________
Last Name: ______________________
Date of Birth: ____________________
Date the self-test was taken: ____________________
Self-test type: ___Antigen    ___PCR
Place self-test device below:

For medically observed self-tests:
   •  The testing procedure must include a telehealth service affiliated with the manufacturer of the test that provides real-time supervision remotely through an audio and video connection.
   •  The telehealth provider must confirm the person’s identity, observe the specimen collection and testing procedures, confirm the test result, and issue a report that meets the requirements of acceptable proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

Where can I get a viral COVID-19 test near me?
Contact your nearest health center, pharmacy, state health department, pre-cruise hotel, or transiting airports to learn more about their availability for COVID-19 testing.

We have partnered with Optum and Radeas so that U.S.-based guests can order an FDA-authorized at-home antigen test kit, shipped to your door in 3 business days or less. These at-home tests include a personal virtually video-supervised visit with an eMed Certified Guide through telehealth services. These guides will help you properly administer the test and verify the results within 15 minutes. The lab result report is delivered via email and can be printed or displayed on your mobile device during check-in. Please place your order no more than two weeks prior to boarding. Order your Optum test kit online or Radeas kit online here.

Curative provides testing via drive-throughs, kiosks, or mobile sites and receives your results digitally in 1-2 days. You will be able to find a location and schedule a service at one of their 10,000 sites by visiting Curative.

Another testing option may be available for guests who are having trouble getting a pre-cruise testing appointment on select voyages.  For voyages departing from Greece through November 2022, we will be able to provide a limited number of antigen self-administered tests at a cost of $20 per person.  Testing will take place on embarkation day at the cruise terminal. Test availability is subject to inventory restrictions and guests should make all attempts to secure required testing prior to arrival at the terminal. 

What if I don’t receive my test results back in time?
If a guest brings proof of testing without results to the pier, Seabourn will test them at no charge except for all cruises that go to Australia. Guests who arrive without a negative test result will experience a delayed embarkation, additional testing fees and risk denied boarding and subject to quarantine should a positive result be returned. The homeport labs will either be in or near our terminals.

For Australia, all guests must obtain a negative pre-embarkation test result to board.  Unfortunately, if you do not receive your test results in time, you will not be permitted to sail, and no refund will be provided in these circumstances. Rapid-Antigen Tests (are readily available at major supermarkets, pharmacies & airports with results back in as little as 15 minutes. These at home, self-administered tests are the quickest way to return a result and are accepted as requirement for embarkation. 

Will I still need a pre-cruise test before embarkation if I have recently recovered from COVID-19? 
Guests that tested positive for COVID-19 in the 8 to 90 days prior to embarkation should be ready to show evidence of their positive COVID-19 viral test (antigen or PCR) laboratory results at embarkation, in place of any required pre-embarkation tests (if applicable). Guests that do not have laboratory evidence of their positive test will be required to show evidence of a negative test that meets the testing requirements of their voyage. 

Exceptions may apply for asymptomatic guests who have tested positive for COVID-19 within 90 days of their embarkation if they are at least 7 days past their COVID-19 infection, are fully recovered with no symptoms and produce documentation of recovery from COVID-19 infection. Guests are required to be on day 8 on their recovery from COVID-19 in order to embark on their cruise.

Documentation of Recovery consists of the following:
·         Paper or electronic copies of the positive viral test result from a certified laboratory (dated no more than 90 days ago), or
·         A valid digital COVID-19 Certificate (DCC) or a document issued by a health or government authority showing confirmed previous infection.

Guests who present these documents will need to go through a secondary screening at the terminal, and boarding will be approved at the medical staff’s discretion.

If you test positive for COVID-19 within 7 days of embarkation, you will be denied boarding. You will be allowed to board if you have completed 7 full days of isolation and have tested negative before boarding.

What happens if a guest tests positive for COVID-19 on board?
Anyone reporting or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be reviewed by the shipboard medical staff and tested for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). COVID-19 cases will be assessed and treated either in their stateroom, or in a designated area of the Medical Center in a single occupancy ward. Positive cases that do not require admission to the ship’s medical center, or medical disembarkation, will most likely be moved to a different stateroom for the duration of their isolation.

If you, your family members, travelling companions or other close contact are quarantined or medically isolated during your voyage because of a positive COVID-19 test or are suspected of having COVID-19, you are entitled to a 100% Future Cruise Credit (FCC) for missed cruise days, including the time in quarantine, for you, your travel party, and any confirmed close contacts.

Given the current global travel and health environment, all booked guests are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance prior to departure to protect against losses. If you have purchased a travel protection plan through us, you and your traveling companion may make a claim for a refund under the trip interruption benefit instead of receiving the FCC.

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Boarding & Cruise Experience

What is the guideline on face masks?
Masks are recommended, but not required, in most onboard venues, though you may need to wear them in select venues or certain situations on your cruise. Mask requirements are clearly designated through signage and onboard communications.

Masks may be required in terminals where local laws take priority.

When going ashore guests must be prepared to follow all local guidance regarding masks and physical distancing. The status of local guidelines will be shared with guests prior to disembarkation at the destination.

For Australia cruises, all guests aged 12 years and older, unless medically exempt, are required to wear a face mark when in a cruise terminal, while embarking or disembarking the ship, and when onboard in areas where physical distancing cannot be maintained. We also recommend face masks are worn onboard while indoors, except while eating or drinking, or when in your own room. Children under 12, excluding toddlers and infants, are also encouraged to wear a mask where practicable. Guests who are unable to wear a face mask due to a medical condition or disability should carry with them a medical certificate or letter signed by a registered health practitioner.

We recommend guests wash or replace their mask daily and choose a good quality mask. Masks should have two or more layers, completely cover the nose and mouth, fit snuggly against the sides of the face and have a nose wire. Please note that visors and face shields will not be accepted as a substitute for a face mask.

We’ll provide complimentary surgical masks on board with replacements available upon request.

If I require oxygen and/or dialysis during my cruise, may I still travel?
Guests using oxygen concentrators or undergoing peritoneal dialysis are welcome on all voyages. Guests using oxygen cylinders or undergoing hemodialysis on voyages with standard protocols are allowed. We are unable to allow guests to use oxygen cylinders or undergoing hemo dialysis on sailings with Enhanced Protocols currently. 

Will shore excursions be limited or can I explore the destinations independently?
Guests can explore destinations on their own or on independent third-party tours. This is subject to change at any time; however, we highly recommend you choose shore excursions with Seabourn as our teams are in contact with local officials who oversee health and safety standards for these guides and tours.

The ability for guests to go ashore in ports of call is controlled by the governments of the ports we visit based on their individual COVID-19 protocols and requirements, which are quickly evolving and being updated. There are ports that do not allow unvaccinated guests ashore. Guests should consult with the government websites for details on vaccine and testing requirements for the countries they will be visiting. Please be aware that as destination conditions change, you may be required to take a Seabourn shore excursion to go ashore.

In Australia, in line with government guidelines, any guest aged 12 years and older who is not fully vaccinated due to a medical exemption, will only be allowed to go ashore at the destinations included in the cruise itinerary if they participate in an organised shore tour. They will not be able to undertake independent shore exploration or activities. Children under 12 years of age who are not fully vaccinated will be able to undertake independent shore activities if they are accompanied by fully vaccinated parent or guardian when going ashore.

What enhanced protocols will you have in the casino?
Our Casinos are enhanced with frequent sanitation of all high-touch surfaces, including table game positions, slot machines, and cashier areas. 

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