Propriano (Bonifacio), Corsica, France

Southern Corsica has plenty to appeal to any interest. Propriano itself is a popular resort with a yacht harbor and nearby beaches. The tall stone buildings in the medieval hill town of Sartene seem to grow right from the mountain itself. Its Museum of Prehistory displays many artifacts unearthed at such nearby archaeological sites as Filitosa and Palaggiu, where standing stones and megalithic tombs date from the Neolithic era through the Bronze Age. Bonifacio sits picturesquely atop the white cliffs at Corsica’s southernmost end, crowned by a citadel and the walled Old Town surrounding it. Climb up and enter the gates to explore the warren of alleys and lanes inside. Or take the long, steep Staircase of the King of Aragon from the town down to the sea (and back up!)