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Woodlark Island, Papua New Guinea

In the 1830s, an Australian whaling vessel christened 'Woodlark' set sail and discovered an island that bore its name ever since. Nearby island inhabitants, however, refer to it as Murana. This island isn't just known for its name's origin story, but also for its vibrant chronicles. In the late 1800s, it was the focal point of a gold rush that attracted hundreds of Australians to its shores.

During the second World War, Guasopa Bay witnessed the construction of a significant airbase. Although largely deserted post-war, the base remained in use by miners operating small aircraft. The present-day challenges faced by Woodlark Island include threats to its untouched environment due to gold mining and palm oil production activities. However, after indigenous people protested against the potential harm to their native species, palm oil production has ceased.

The island is not all about its past and challenges; it's also about the beauty it beholds. Off its west coast, there lies a breathtaking reef system, showcasing the incredible biodiversity of the Solomon Sea.

Guided Nature Walk

Meet the locals ashore and join the expedition team for nature walks into the lush jungle canopy.​

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

Snorkeling and scuba diving experiences allow you to explore the rich marine biodiversity that Woodlark has to offer.

*Experiences subject to change.