Patreksfjordur, Iceland

Tucked away in the wild and rugged terrains of the southern Westfjords lies Patreksfjörður, a town small in stature but rich in history and charm. Established around the 9th century, it witnessed a period of prosperity in the mid-20th century, when the fishing industry was at its peak. 

Látrabjarg Cliffs

Embark on a journey to Europe’s largest bird cliff, the striking Látrabjarg, which marks the westernmost point of Europe. As the largest seabird colony in the northern Atlantic, Látrabjarg offers unparalleled opportunities to photograph puffins in their natural habitat. On the return journey, we stop at the Hnjótur Heritage Museum to delve into the local way of life in bygone eras, explore the utilization of bird cliffs, and learn about heroic rescue missions of foreign fishermen from stranded ships.


*Experiences subject to change