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Qilakitsoq, Greenland

Greenlandic and Danish children address their letters to Santa Claus to a specific location in Greenland, the town of Uummannaq (Spraglebugten Bay in Danish). A turf hut was built there for a television programme and remains Santa's home in the popular imagination. Here, most of the 1,300 inhabitants of Uummannaq Island make their living from halibut fishing.  The high point on the small island, is one of the most prominent mountains in West Greenland and rises to a height of 1,170 meters (3,839’). 

Seven kilometers (4.5 miles) south of Uummannaq lies the Nuussuaq Peninsula. Here, in 1972 was discovered one of the most impressive and poignant archaeological sites on Earth. Ptarmigan hunters came upon a shallow gave containing the 500 year old mummified bodies of six women, a boy and an infant. All were so well preserved that the hunters thought that they were recent burials and that the infant was actually a doll. Four of the mummies are on display in the Greenland National Museum in Nuuk.