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Scenic Cruising North Cape

Rising majestically from the sea, the cliffs of Norway's North Cape ascend 1007 ft, culminating in a plateau as level as a carefully laid banquet table.  Positioned at a latitude of 71° 10’ 20” N, it stands a mere 1,306 mi away from the North Pole. At this juncture, the waters of the Norwegian Sea, a part of the vast Atlantic Ocean, embrace the Barents Sea, a segment of the Arctic Ocean. Beyond this point, the mountainous archipelagos of Franz Josef Land and Svalbard stand sentinel, the last outposts of land before the expansive Polar Ice Pack. Here, from May 14 to July 31 each year, the ethereal Midnight Sun reigns supreme, refusing to dip below the horizon, casting a perpetual golden glow over the landscape.