Siglufjorour, Iceland

Hidden in the northernmost reach of the Icelandic mainland, Siglufjörður is a charming fishing hamlet of approximately 1,200 residents. Founded in 1918, it was once the thriving hub of North Atlantic herring fishing. Today, the legacy of this industry lives on at the Síldarminjasafnið Herring Era Museum, one of Iceland's largest maritime and industrial showcases, where visitors can delve into both traditional and modern aspects of herring fishing. High mountains, serene freshwater lakes, the meandering Hólsá river, black sand beaches, and a plethora of birdlife create a diverse and captivating landscape — the perfect backdrop to this serene destination.


The Herring Heyday of Siglufjörður

Explore the herring history of Siglufjörður’s; visit the acclaimed Herring Era Museum, sharing snippets of local history and culture en route. Here, you'll watch the lively Herring Salting Show, a performance that brings to life the work of the "herring girls." Enjoy the opportunity to sample local herring served with traditional rye bread, complemented by a shot of Icelandic schnapps.