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Uruguay, Montevideo, Montevideo giant letters looking over Playa de los Pocitos

Montevideo, Uruguay

Tucked between Brazil and Argentina, the Republic of Uruguay decidedly holds its own with unique traditions and identity. Despite being South America's second smallest nation, Uruguay feels like a vibrant city enveloped by expansive ranchlands. Often dubbed as the "Switzerland of South America," Montevideo mirrors Switzerland's discreet banking system.

OPTION 1: Montevideo Highlights & Tango Experience
Immerse yourself in the beauty of Montevideo on a scenic drive. Witness historic landmarks and monuments, then visit the Mercado Agricola, a bustling farmer's market teeming with local charm. End your day with a stirring tango performance at Baar Fun Fun, a venue steeped in over 80 years of history.

OPTION 2: Montevideo Old Town Walk & Tango Show
Explore the architectural wonders of Montevideo on foot. Discover the eclectic mix of styles in the city, then experience the passion of Uruguayan dance at Baar Fun Fun.

*Experiences subject to change.