Seabourn Conversations

The art of conversation has always been central to the Seabourn experience.

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Our voyages attract interesting, interested people — people who enjoy talking together, sharing their interests, their adventures and discoveries, and their life stories with longtime and newfound friends. Their enthusiasms and curiosity are far-ranging, and these are what spark their desire to travel the world.

To encourage and enhance this satisfying aspect of your Seabourn voyage, we invite luminaries of particular interest and accomplishment to join our guests on board — and bring fascinating insights, expert opinions and delightfully entertaining diversions to the conversation.

Daring explorers, heralded chefs, learned scholars, celebrated performers and renowned experts from every arena of the arts, sciences, politics and the humanities share your journey on our intimate ships. They each bring skilled presentations of their expertise for guests to enjoy. But just as importantly, they participate in the daily social scene, sharing meals, adventures ashore and casual chats throughout the voyage. On some ships, they lecture. On Seabourn, they join the conversation. 

Featured Speakers

Upcoming select speakers of the 2022 Seabourn Conversations program include:

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Dean McFlicker

Hollywood producer and director | Seabourn Ovation, January 1-11, 2022

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Sir Tim Rice

English lyricist and author | Seabourn Encore, February 19 to March 1, 2022

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Lord Michael Howard

British politician | Seabourn Encore, February 19 to March 1, 2022

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Tiiu Lukk

Naturalist | Seabourn Ovation, February 13 to March 13, 2022

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World Wine Guys

Wine experts | Seabourn Ovation, October 29 to November 18, 2021

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Alessandra Borchi

UNESCO Senior Program Coordinator | Seabourn Ovation, December 10-21, 2021

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Conversations By Ship

On some ships, they lecture. On Seabourn, they join the conversation.

Seabourn Ovation

Seabourn Conversations on board Seabourn Ovation

Seabourn Encore

Seabourn Conversations on board Seabourn Encore

Seabourn Quest

Seabourn Conversations on board Seabourn Quest

Seabourn Sojourn

Seabourn Conversations on board Seabourn Sojourn

Seabourn Odyssey

Seabourn Conversations on board Seabourn Odyssey

Conversations by Topic

Arts Conversations

Arts Conversations highlight luminaries from the fields of music, theater, dance, film, literature, and plastic arts.

Culinary Conversations

Culinary Conversations feature chefs, winemakers, critics, producers, and other culinary experts.

Culture & Destinations Conversations

Culture & Destination Conversations involve scholars and professors well-versed in such disciplines as geography and history.

Current Affairs & History Conversations

Current Affairs & History Conversations involve Diplomats and experts discuss international relations, politics and economic affairs.

Science Conversations

Science Conversations call on astronomers, geologists, naturalists, physicists and other researchers for answers.

UNESCO Conversations

Speakers with special knowledge about World Heritage projects share deeper insights and behind-the-scenes information.

Wellness Conversations

World-renowned health and wellness experts join you on board, hosting workshops, discussions and events that promote physical, social, environmental and spiritual well-being.