High above the Arctic Circle lies a wonder-filled region seemingly frozen in time. Experience its rugged beauty and remote isolation on an ultra-luxury Seabourn expedition voyage.

Kuril Islands & Far East Destinations


Russia and Far East ports map

The Kamchatka Peninsula — a dramatic, 776-mile-long stretch of land jutting out from eastern Siberia — is home to more than 150 volcanoes and the highest density of brown bears on Earth. It also boasts glacier-covered peaks, breathtaking coastal fjords, vast rolling tundra, and remote, uninhabited archipelagoes. Now you can set out on a Seabourn expedition voyage to this frozen frontier where few humans have ever ventured. Take exhilarating Zodiac cruises along the Zhupanova River in search of rare Steller’s sea eagles and around Ostrov Utashud, a rocky island that offers sanctuary to large colonies of puffins, Brunnich’s guillemots, and other seabirds. Keep an eye out for seals, sea otters, and whales that thrive in these nutrient-rich waters; you can even join the ship’s Kayak Team for an optional paddle past breathtaking sea stacks, arches, and caves. Head out on nature hikes across the mossy tundra, and heed the call of hundreds of Northern fur seals and Steller sea lions on Tyuleniy Island. Visit remote Indigenous communities, and, if conditions allow, take a warm dip in Gil’mimyl Hot Springs. The far-flung Kuril Islands entice excellent whale-watching opportunities, World War II artifacts, and the chance to step inside an active volcanic caldera at Yankicha Island.

Please note: Destinations shown above are representative of many of the places we'll visit but are subject to conditions.

Humpback whale breaching near Atlasova Island, one of the Kuril Islands.

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Two polar bears at the edge of an icy shoreline.

Featured Ports

Nome, Alaska

The annual Iditarod finishes in this former Gold Rush town, set at the southern tip of the Seward Peninsula and noted for its dramatic scenery, Inupiat culture, and plentiful wildlife.

Kobe, Japan

Famous for its namesake beef this busy Japanese port city exudes a cosmopolitan air with its vibrant Chinatown, Kitano historical district, and famous Arima Onsen (hot springs). It also is your gateway to ancient Kyoto, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska’s largest city lures with wild natural beauty, urban comforts, a rich Native heritage, and a thriving arts community. It also is the starting point for the annual Iditarod dog sled race.

Commander Islands

This wildly harsh archipelago off the Kamchatka Peninsula has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its unique, abundant flora and fauna.

Yankicha Island

This lush, mist-enshrouded island — part of the Kuril archipelago in Far East Russia — offers a peaceful haven for its resident wildlife.