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Join this Ventures by Seabourn Excursion with a resident general naturalist guide to explore the small island of Vigur. There is something inviting and charming about little islets, and the harmonious gathering of thousands of birds on Vigur, completes the beautiful landscape. Over the years Vigur has earned itself a great reputation among birdwatchers and is a must-see. The five friendly human inhabitants welcome you with their relaxed easy manner and the moment you step ashore, you will feel as if time stands still here. Take a leisurely guided walk around the island—a perfect opportunity to see an abundance of birds in their natural environment. Eider ducks, arctic terns, puffins, black guillemot and many more species make their homes here. And the only windmill in Iceland is located on Vigur. Refreshments are served by the farmer’s family before you visit the smallest post office in Europe. Feel free to send home a postcard or two. You will then reboard the zodiacs and have a 45 min transfer from Vigur Island to Isafjordur to rejoin the ship. Along the way we have a good chance of seeing whales.

This is just one of the many Ventures tours designed to give you an exciting, informative and fresh perspective of the natural history of Northern Europe, its fjords and remote islands. 

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Adventures abound, with fjord kayaking excursions from Norway to Qaqortoq in Greenland. Zodiac cruises to teeming seabird colonies in the North Sea, the British Isles and Iceland, plus treks to waterfalls, Viking sites and more.

Expedition Team Includes

Marine Biologist, Ornithologist, Historian, Kayak Guide, Naturalist

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