Seabourn Ventures Team

Alaska & British Columbia

Meet The Members Of Your Alaska Expedition Team


Juan Carlos Restrepo

Expedition Leader

Juan was born in Manizales, a beautiful city in the coffee growing region of Colombia. Surrounded by the majestic mountains and volcanoes of the Andes Mountains, Juan had a deep fascination to what surrounded him. He took that curiosity to university and completed his undergraduate degree and then obtained his graduate degree in Geology from Caldas University. Despite his deep love for the mountains, Juan quickly took to the sea the moment he began his thesis project; coastal geomorphology and digital mapping of the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

A passion for the great outdoors and adventure, Juan has explored all the continents and oceans of the world. He left his homeland in 2002 and traveled non-stop round the world. His adventure took five years, of which the last year was spent riding a motorcycle across 2 continents, Australia and South America.

During his time abroad, Juan began his career in the expedition industry as a Dive Master onboard luxury mega yachts in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean - from Mexico to Thailand. He then took his love for expedition to the Polar Regions. As a lecturer and as an Expedition leader, Juan spends three months of the year in the Arctic and three months in Antarctica and the rest of the year in many places in-between. His expedition experience includes the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia, sailing throughout the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans

When not on expedition ships, Juan can be found flying high at international paragliding competitions, taking motorbike treks across the Andes Mountains or exploring new areas throughout the world.


Chris Srigley

Expedition Leader

Over the past nine years, Chris Srigley has spent as many as nine months of each year on expedition ships – always spending the full seasons in the Antarctic and Arctic. Serving as Assistant Expedition Leader, General Naturalist and Zodiac Driver, his extensive experience covers some of the most remote areas of the world, with emphasis in some of the more extreme environments.

In the Arctic region, in addition to his regular duties on the Expedition Team, Chris serves as a Polar Bear Guard, spending much of his time advancing landing parties and then keeping a watchful eye while guests experience the wonders of such places like Svalbard, Greenland and Canada.

While traveling between the Polar Regions, Chris can be found on expedition cruises in Central America, Latin America and Northern Europe.

Chris’s interest in natural history was cultivated through spending time both on his family farm and in their remote cabin on the Eastern shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. Sometimes, he would vanish for days, even weeks at a time, exploring the wilds around him.

Considering himself a "generalist", Chris has become well versed in all aspects of the regions in which he travels. He has accumulated many intriguing stories and stunning photos along the way. His photos have also been displayed in galleries and donated for auctions.

Once you have traveled with Chris, you will realize that his only hope is to transfer his passion and knowledge to you as we travel through stunning places and experience incredible adventures.


Nicki D'Souza

Assistant Expedition Leader

Nicki D’Souza grew up in the beautiful region of Bavaria in Germany. After obtaining a university degree in languages as translator and interpreter, Nicki started travelling extensively throughout the world.

She started her career at sea in 1997 as Assistant Expedition Leader on the M/V World Discoverer, an expedition ship, and quickly fell in love with the sea.

She transitioned naturally to luxury cruising, where she put her years of experience and passion for travel to good use assisting guests with Shore Excursions and quickly was named Shore Excursion Manager, organizing and supervising Shore Excursions all over the world with many maiden calls to her name.

Since 2008 she has been working for both - expedition as well as classic cruise ships and has made her way up to Expedition Leader, leading voyages along the West Coast of Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.

Nicki now makes her home both in Germany and India, and takes little time to rest during her holidays - she can be found exploring Asia, trekking and horseback riding.


Adam Jenkins

Assistant Expedition Leader /Lecturer

Adam began sailing as a boy off the beaches of Port Townsend WA. He acquired his Master Mariners license at 18 years old and began working as a yacht captain aboard Puget Sound charter yachts.

After attending the University of Washington and turning 21, Adam embarked on a single-handed voyage down the Pacific Coast aboard Saint Brendan, his 27-foot sloop. On this voyage, he explored the Sea of Cortez, transited the Panama Canal, circumnavigated the Caribbean Sea and explored the eastern seaboard from Florida to Nova Scotia. During this four-year voyage, Adam made a living as a professional sailor, sailing as master aboard various vessels in the Caribbean Sea and lived aboard his boat in Guatemala and Belize for a year. Other Global adventures include traveling the length of Pakistan by train and four-wheel drive truck, trekking in the Hindu Kush, exploring Patagonia and climbing in Torres Del Paine National Park, skippering the expedition yacht MV Peregrine in South East Alaska and the Queen Charlotte Islands BC (Haida Gwaii)

Since 1995, Adam has worked with NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service and the US Antarctic Program as a field biologist, expedition leader and science project manager supporting marine mammal and ecosystem researchers in the Antarctica, and the coastal waters of the Eastern Pacific from Alaska to Cape Horn. Adam holds NOAA Master diver and dive master certifications. When not at sea on a research vessel or expedition cruising, Adam owns a yacht delivery company Yachtlogic and can be found delivering a yacht as a professional sailor, see his web site at

Through these adventures, Adam developed a passion for leading expeditions and working with adventure travelers and scientists. Adam loves to get out in the small boats and get up close to nature. Hobbies include writing for sailing magazines, cooking, playing basketball and sailing with his daughter Sophia aboard their 35-foot sloop based in Guaymas Mexico. Adam’s goal on any expedition is to make sure guests have a true adventure they will never forget.


Jennifer Fought


Jennifer was born and raised on the beaches of northwest Florida and spent most of her childhood on a boat participating in water sports and activities. She obtained her Florida Safe Boating course certificate at the age of nine that allowed her to operate a watercraft and has been on the water ever since. Since childhood, Jennifer has had a passion for the natural world, even creating a recycling program for her elementary school as a first grade student. Her younger years were spent camping, canoeing, and riding horses.

Jennifer studied at Florida State University where she received two degrees - Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and a Master of Science in Structural Geology. She also studied at the University of West Florida where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and Marketing. While pursuing her Master degree at Florida State University, she worked as a research assistant to the chairman of the Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science department. She also worked as an assistant on overnight camping trips for undergraduate students. Her geology research has taken her from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico to the ancient terranes of the Appalachian range to the glaciers of Greenland. Her primary research has been in the structural history of the Southern Appalachian Mountains but her passion for the Polar Regions was sparked after completing a research expedition in Greenland. The project in Greenland was a geochemical analysis of the melt water from the ice sheet but the experience of working in an untouched extreme environment was irreplaceable. Separate from her work in Greenland she volunteered as an assistant field guide for overnight camping trips to the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Outside of geology, Jennifer is an avid hiker, mountain biker, Crossfit athlete, and paddleboarder. Jennifer is passionate about continuing to gain knowledge and a greater understanding of how our planet‘s processes and experiencing the natural wonders Earth has to offer.


Lisa Baldwin


Lisa is extremely passionate about the ocean and sharing this love with others. Growing up in Southern California and Hawaii made pursuing and sharing that love easy. A competitive ocean swimmer, free diver, naturalist and avid traveler there’s nothing she enjoys more than educating others about the natural environment.

Lisa earned her B.S. in Marine Biology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She’s spent extensive time at sea conducting marine mammal research with NOAA and has worked for Scripps Institute of Oceanography and the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program. After a 5 year hiatus from the marine field, Lisa left her job in oncology research and closed her homeopathic practice. She put all possessions in storage and began her journey to earn sea time for her captain’s license while diving back into the field she dearly loved and missed. She’s spent the past two years working in Southeast Alaska, New Zealand, and Hawaii as a naturalist, hike/kayak guide and dolphin swim guide.

Lisa’s extensive work as a field biologist combined with a passion for health research and education has given her the unique ability to be open, friendly and relate to guests on all levels. She’s well known for her informative lectures and prides herself in providing guests with memorable field excursions. She is charismatic, easy to talk to, and best known for her high satisfaction rating among guests. As Lisa likes to say, “It’s all about showing others how they can relate to the natural environment.” And in the words of conservationist Baba Dioum, “In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.”


Kirstie Yaegernata


Kirstie grew up hiking through the wilderness and playing in the rivers of Western Pennsylvania. At the age of 18, she moved to Hawai’i and began a 20+ year career studying or working in natural resource management and wildlife research. While exploring the Hawaiian Islands, she earned a BA in Biology from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Additionally, during her undergraduate career, Kirstie completed a study abroad in Nepal, studying the impacts of tourism on the environment and Sherpa culture in the Mt. Everest region. She also earned an MS in Ecology from Colorado State University, while developing a noninivasive-sampling method for mountain lions.

Throughout her career, Kirstie has ventured to some of the most beautiful and remote places on the planet further inspiring the passion for her work. She has worked with endangered fish in the upper Colorado River system throughout the southwest; ungulates and mountain lions in Colorado; grizzly bears in Montana; Steller sea lions in Alaska; Hawaiian monk seals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands; and several Antarctic species at McMurdo and Palmer Stations.

Recently, Kirstie has worked as a US Antarctic Program scientist with two long term projects, a Weddell Seal study in the Ross Sea and a sea bird monitoring project in the Palmer Basin. Both projects are on-going and the sea bird study is also a National Science Foundation (NSF) Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Project. Many other researchers are part of the LTER, conducting regular fieldwork throughout Antarctica. Kirstie will be assisting the research efforts for some of these LTER researchers while onboard the Seabourn Quest.

Although the animals that she works with are her first love, she also enjoys wandering through foreign lands in search of a quaint street side café that serves a good cup of espresso.


Ross Ellingwood


Born and raised in Seattle, Washington Ross's early years were spent exploring the Cascade Mountains and boating around the Puget Sound waters. Ross received his undergraduate degree in Geology from Oregon State University focusing on volcanology. While studying Ross was a member of the Oregon State Men's Varsity Rowing Team traveling around the country to race.

After graduating his love for adventure took over. He spent the next 4 years living and working in New Zealand, Australia, and Alaska. In 2016 Ross moved back to Washington and spent 6 months building a wooden rowing boat in his garage. He then began a 3 month 1100 mile solo journey exploring the Inside Passage Waters from Seattle, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska.

Ross's career in the outdoor industry has had him guiding sea kayaking trips in Glacier Bay Alaska, rock climbing in the Grampians National Park of Australia, and ice climbing around Haines, Alaska.

When not working Ross can usually be found hanging off some rocks high up on a cliff, cruising around in his rowing boat, or touring countries by motorcycle.


Sylvia Stevens


Sylvia Stevens was born in Scotland. A Masters graduate in the Arts as well as in Business Management at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, she later moved to San Diego, California where she gave up a successful business career to pursue her love of photography, wildlife and travel.

She has spent extensive time working with injured and endangered animals including seals in Greece, Hawaii and California, seabirds, eagles and otters in Alaska in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez oil spill as well as penguins in Patagonia. As a naturalist, her main focus and passion is on marine mammals and sea birds. Sylvia Stevens’ travels have taken her from the penguin colonies of Antarctica and South Georgia to the walrus herds of the Arctic and many points in between, including fourteen Northwest Passage and two Northeast Passage transits.

She has worked for 28 years as a Lecturer and Expedition Leader on board ships in the Arctic, Sub-Antarctic and Antarctic and has also lead travel groups throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, including Churchill, and South America including the Galapagos Islands. As a freelance photographer, her images mirror her love of nature and have been featured in many publications, including books, calendars, magazines, travel brochures, aquariums and educational facilities.

Her primary objective is to share her passion for conservation, marine mammals and sea birds and to foster appreciation for our natural world.


Aidan Klimenko


Aidan Klimenko is an accomplished photographer, film maker and traveler, exploring the diverse and many facets of life around the world by means of a camera and lens. After graduating with degrees in both film and photography from Montana State University, Aidan sold the majority of his belongings, moved into an old VW van, and set out for South America in search of adventure and to create a portfolio that would throw him headfirst into the travel and outdoor adventure industries.

Growing up in Ecuador as a child, an instilled sense of cultural and worldly curiosity was inevitable. Now, at 28 years old, Klimenko’s passion for the outdoors, travel and adventure has only continued to grow and inspire a lifestyle of perpetual motion, visual story-telling and exploration.

After four years of traversing the Americas—north, central and south—living in a tent for nine months while documenting the United States’ national parks, fixing broken engines in foreign countries, and learning about the diverse subcultures of Latin America, Klimenko has built an award-winning body of work that can often be found features in Backpacker Magazine, Climbing Magazine, Ski Magazine, and that has led to campaigns shot for Subaru, Adidas, BMW, and LifeStraw.


Greg Horn

Kayak Guide

A Johannesburg native, Greg was raised on a farm in South Africa, where he developed an entrepreneurial spirit that had him raising tropical fish, crafting skateboards and a variety of other business ventures while still in school. Following his schooling and military service, he fuelled his dual interests in business and adventure by starting a SCUBA diving centre at the Heads in Knysna on South Africa’s Garden Route and later running a dive resort in Mozambique. He also acquired Commercial 150 Ton Skippers & Yacht Master’s certifications along the way.

After eight years as a SCUBA diving guide and Instructor, he left the sea-coast behind and moved to a mountain town called Dullstroom, high in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa where, along with running a tour business, he has organized civic adventure events including mountain bike races and fly-fishing tournaments that have successfully attracted adventure and outdoor lovers to the area. Greg has explored almost every corner of Southern Africa and several of the Indian Ocean islands. He has over 5000 dives in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea; hiked most of South Africa’s trails; travelled over 14,000km by off-road motorbike through Southern Africa and has kayaked many of the country’s rivers. He has viewed much of the country from the air as a paraglider, the highlight of which was sharing a thermal one day with a pair of majestic black eagles.

Greg has worked for Seabourn since November 2014 in the Antarctic, Patagonia, Brazil / Amazon and in the Arctic region.

Greg has used this passion for adventure and his wealth of outdoor experiences to accumulate tremendous knowledge about the natural world. He has developed a keen eye that benefits his photography. Naturally gregarious and an avowed “people person,” Greg’s respect, admiration and love for the natural world also make him a responsible adventurer.


Nicki Bunting

Kayak Guide

Nicki, an award-winning guide and shameless expeditionist, credits her grandmother, an ex-Olympian, for her adventurous spirit, and her father, a competitive sailor, for her love of the ocean. Raised in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state of New Hampshire, her first travel experience, a college scholarship to live in Togo, West Africa, shaped the rest of her life. While documenting the threatened olive baboon and African elephant on a solo motorcycle journey across the Savannes, her unwavering passion for conservation, wildlife protection, and exploration of the world less traveled was ignited. Six continents and 50 plus countries later, her adventures/work have included kayaking in Antarctica, diving with whale sharks off the coast of Honduras, a two month recreation of the Powell Geographic Expedition of 1869 down the Green and Colorado Rivers, and a four month bicycle tour throughout SE Asia (where she learned one should never be sized for new clothing after bicycling for thousands of miles in extreme heat).

While Nicki was the lead instructor for the Telluride Adaptive Ski Program in Colorado, a few colleagues who summered in Alaska learned that the only two states she had never been to were Alaska and Oklahoma. They insisted she visit and cross Alaska off her list. Soon thereafter, she led her first week-long sea kayaking expedition in Glacier Bay National Park. On the last day, in the face of formidable winds and large swells, a humpback whale surfaced and swam beside Nicki for the entire last hour of the journey. In that moment, Nicki knew Alaska was home. For the last two decades, Nicki has been a professional historian, photographer, naturalist, and thrice Tour Guide of the Year in Skagway, Alaska. In addition, she has lectured extensively on the history of Skagway, the Inside Passage, the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, and Alaska. Nicki still hasn’t been to Oklahoma.


Cam Cormier


Growing up near the coast of Maine, Cam has always been fascinated with exploring the marine environment and studying all of the different species of animals and plants that call it home. From a young age, you could usually find him spending most of his time playing in the cold Maine surf or peering into tide pools in the rocky shoreline. His favorite places to visit were Acadia National Park and the New England Aquarium.

Cam graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelors degree in Coastal and Marine Policy, with a minor in Oceanography. While earning his degree, he spent a semester in Turks and Caicos studying Tropical Marine Ecology and the effects of the invasive lion fish on the other species of fish in the Western Atlantic. After college he led nature cruises around the shores of Acadia National Park and whale watching tours from Mt. Desert Island into the Gulf of Maine. For the past 5 years, Cam has been driving small and large boats alike through the waters of Southeast Alaska, British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest, Baja Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.

Cam is excited to be able to share his enthusiasm for marine life and be able to get up- close and personal with some of these animals and hopefully provide a once in a lifetime experience while exploring all that the ocean has to offer.


Eric Holst


With a decade of experience as a Zodiac driver and bridge officer, Eric has worked extensively in Alaska, British Columbia, Mexico, and Central America. He hails from a port town in Minnesota where the boreal forest meets the icy expanse of Lake Superior. A childhood exploring backyard woods, perched on waterfront ruins watching the bustling harbor, and learning the ropes on family camping trips set him on a course which continues today. Eric began working on the water at age 17 and was captain of a 250-passenger excursion vessel by age 23. During those years he embarked on weeks-long canoe voyages in the wilds of the Canadian shield and logged thousands of miles on the back roads of North America, traversing the continent for months at a time. These experiences stoked further desire to roam. Expedition cruising provides a singular opportunity to connect his interests in the water and the world’s wilder places.

Ashore Eric splits his time between family in Minnesota, kindred spirits in Oregon, and traveling abroad. One would be just as likely to find him sea kayaking an Alaskan fjord, scuba diving the Indian Ocean, hiking the Scottish highlands, or tracking down a favorite musical act wherever they might be performing. Eric is fascinated by geography and earth history, especially where those disciplines converge with the study of ancient climates and ecosystems. He could peruse hypothetical maps from the planet’s past for ages. He is perhaps most content at the face of a tidewater glacier, watching the confluence of time, climate, and topography unfold on a grand and barely fathomable scale. Eric reveres “light bulb” moments, when understanding dawns and fuzzy concepts suddenly come into focus. He aims to encourage others to seek out those instances and relishes in sharing them.


Peter Torkelson


Peter is a native Alaskan who answers the ocean's call at every opportunity.  An entrepreneur and avid sailor, Peter has owned and sailed vessels throughout Alaska, the Caribbean, Bahamas and U.S. Eastern seaboard.

In 2010, Peter left a thriving business, sold nearly everything and moved his family aboard a sailing catamaran. For six years, the Torkelson's cruised 14,000 ocean miles.  Highlights included anchoring next to the Statue of Liberty, surviving two hurricane strikes, diving numerous tropical wrecks and more than a few shark encounters.

In Alaska, Peter explores both western Prince William Sound and Southeast Alaska at every opportunity.  In 2017, Peter worked Juneau based megayacht charters and enjoys sharing close wildlife encounters with guests.

Peter has a pre-law B.A. in Criminal Justice.  When the world wide web exploded into life, Peter left legal pursuits to build an advertising consultancy specializing in internet application development.


Sarah Burleson


Sarah was born and raised in Snohomish, WA, in the great Pacific Northwest. Sarah considers herself lucky to have grown up in a place that allowed her to be exposed to outdoor adventures often, and from an early age. Much of her childhood was spent on her family’s boat, exploring the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands, and that is where her great love of spending as much time as possible on the water was born. 

After high school, Sarah spent about 8 years working as a Dental Assistant, which was fulfilling, as she enjoyed caring for her patients, and building strong relationships with both her co-workers and clients. However, she couldn’t escape her lifelong dream and passion of living life on the water, and that ultimately led her to a career change. Deciding to pursue a vocation that would allow her to continue to build relationships with others while enjoying the water and all it has to offer, she obtained her 100 ton Captain’s License, and since then, she has worked on various cruise lines as a Crew Member and Zodiac Driver, as well as serving as Relief Captain for a private yacht, based in Seattle. 

In Sarah’s time on land, she enjoys snow skiing, hiking, puzzling, and reading books. Of course her time on land doesn’t last long, until she is ready to be back on the water, either to work or to play, where she enjoys hobbies such as fishing, crabbing and water skiing.


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